How New Technologies Are Changing the Real Estate Market

Real Estate uses technology like any other business field, and when new advancements hit the market, they bring new and exciting opportunities. Professional real estate companies are using new technology to push them ahead in the field and provide more information than ever to clients. The main focus is on photography, and the opportunities that come with having tools that now allow for views over property would have once cost a fortune. It’s not just hardware either; online software has given real estate companies more flexibility and utility than ever. With the right tools, a company can have more options than ever to approach potential clients.

Hardware: Drones and Photos

The first new technology that comes to mind for real estate agents like Henley Charles should be drones and their fantastic ability to take photos from incredible angles. Drones have become so ingrained in the field that many real estate agents can scarcely imagine working without them. The reason is obvious; drones can fly around to incredible heights, and with such accuracy, they can take photos of entire estates. They are even able to go inside of homes and take photos of rooms one by one. The sensor technology has reached a point where the collision system can fully understand a room and avoid causing a mess.


Drones are also becoming more and more customizable and capable of carrying greater weights. This is great for real estate companies who want the best results from their drone flights. Cameras have reached a point where many models can provide crystalline, detailed images on the fly. The cameras can take photos or provide videos with such clarity that clients can see fully detailed recreations of a property room by room. Real estate companies worldwide can provide detailed imagery of the property they can then market online easier than ever. With this kind of technology, it’s easier for buyers to determine whether they want to buy a condo or not. Still, when it comes to the actual viewing, buyers should still have an inspection checklist when buying a condo to make sure they don’t miss anything.

Software: Multiple Listing Service and Machine Learning

The online software that governs the various real estate websites has changed to become more convenient than ever. This mainly has to do with the creation of MLS or multiple listing services. The idea is simple, to have a group of local real estate brokers pool their efforts and share information on any homes for sale. The result is the development of websites and software, making it easier to list homes and access the list.

While software built towards consolidating information remains popular, competitive techniques are advancing just as quickly. This is where machine learning comes into play, software that allows programs to take information from data and learn from it. Real estate companies use this kind of artificial intelligence to have programs scope out the competition and provide updates on trends in the industry. If a real estate company wants to stay ahead of the curve, then it would be hard to find an advantage better than a computer program that analyzes the industry at incredible speeds.

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