How Science Have Changed Elite Sport Forever

Sport has been affected, like most areas in life, by the technological advance shown by the science and the technology industries. As we know it today, Elite sport combined natural athletic talent with advanced analytics and scientifical intelligence to ensure that their large franchises can provide the best possible on-field output to compete at the highest level. Today, we look at some of the best technological advances that science has improved the elite sport.  

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The first initial way that science and technology have changed how elite sport is played in recent times is that of movement technologies like GPS tracking vests and monitors, enabling teams to allow their coaches and management to track their every move during drills, training sessions and actually in matches. These certain vests have benefitted from both technologies on how they work and science with how they team analysis and ensure that they are getting peak performance out of their players before any game or season.  

Further to the usually recover methods used before technology and science was introduced to the sporting market have usually been effective like stretching, warming down, and massaging. However, times have moved on, and elite teams need elite recovery times for their athletes, especially with the schedule that these elite players play under these days. These advances in technology include cryotherapy which relieves muscle pain, sprains and swelling through a sub-zero temperature cold chambers. Furthermore, compression garments for these stars to wear at home and hydrotherapy are also good other methods.  

And finally, although not as new on the market as the other two mentions above, analysis technology has been one of the most used sciences for elite sports teams, so they can analyse their performances through video, scout their opponents and they style of play, and create mock situations for their squad to be able to watch and deliver on. Video technology has been around on the market for a while now, but the way it has advanced in recent times has really played to the advantage of sports sides.  

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