How Is Python Different Than Any Other Programming Languages?

Among many of the programming languages available today, Python is one such option that is high in demand by now. The increasing demand for the language is because it is entirely different than many other programming languages available in the market. One such difference or rather benefit is that Python is quite easy to understand and quite simple to learn. Do you want to learn Python from scratch? Then Intellipaat ‘Python Course’ is for you.

Typically, selecting a proper programming language depends on many factors, such as training, availability, cost, emotional attachment, and prior investments. But these factors are also variable, and hence there are other factors on which the selection of the right programming language highly depends.

Some of the programming languages available in the market now are Java, PHP, C++, Perl, Ruby, Javascript, TCL, Smalltalk, and many others. Python is very much different than these languages in many ways.

Companies That Use The Programming Languages

Today,  many companies worldwide are using programming languages such as Ruby, Python, and PHP. Some of the companies that are using PHP are Udemy, Facebook, NASA, Wikipedia, and Google. These companies use PHP for many reasons, such as creating dynamic web pages and great web development options.

Many companies such as Twitter, Groupon, Hulu, and IndieGoGo use Ruby’s programming language due to its flexible operations.

Compared to these two languages PHP and Ruby, Python is used due to its ease of understanding, readability, and convenient productivity. Some of the top companies worldwide are making use of the language Python such as YouTube, Yahoo! Map, Ultraseek, Google, and Shopzilla.

Why Should You Get Trained In Python Language?

Python’s programming language was released in 1991, and it has become one of the highest demanding languages across the world. Some of the best companies worldwide, such as YouTube and Yahoo, have adopted the language as their first language. Not only this, Google has started making use of the language to develop its many of the projects in the future.

There are many reasons why candidates today are going for options such as introduction to machine learning with Python. In order to understand the benefits of learning Python, it is essential to understand the benefits of Python language usage in comparison to many other programming languages.

Fun To Use

Whenever the name of the programming language is mentioned, what comes up in mind is that of the non-venomous snake python. The name of the programming language was kept after Monty Python that is a surreal comedy group from British in the year 1970. The comedy group has idealized the culture and code of the Python language. This integration not only has created a code of conduct for the language but also reduced the complexities of understanding and using the language.

The language is made quite convenient to help the students understand and learn it. Various playful references are being used in the documentation of the programming language so that understanding the language by the students can be quite easy.

Readable And Simple Code

The language is made up of some simple coding syntax that is equally readable. There are a total of 20 principles on which the language Python has been created. This set of principles is known as Zen of Python. Based on the principles, the programming language has become so much popular and effective in its capabilities.

Some of the essential principles that are being used by Python are mentioned here:

  • The language is based on beautiful display,
  • Also, the language is based on simplicity,
  • The readability factor is highly significant,
  • Implementations should be made easy,
  • There has to be one single way to do things.

There are no such curly brackets in the coding of Python; instead, whitespace is used in it. Also, there is no necessity of using semicolons in the coding. Other many languages make use of punctuations while Python makes use of keywords in the English language. Usually, the language Python is uncluttered and well-formatted. This makes the language quite easy in reading and also in understanding.

Extensible In Nature

The language developer had experience in using ABC programming and found that it is not much extensible. Based on this experience, the developer came up with the Python libraries that are useful in completing various tasks such as scientific calculations, unit testing, machine learning, managing databases, and many others.

This helps the language to get incorporated into different applications. Due to the extensive support, the language’s capabilities were enhanced, which finally led to the high popularity of the language. Other languages do not have this extensive library option that is available with Python.

The Fast Growing Language

Options such as Stack Overflow and IEEE Spectrum have stated Python has one of the fastest-growing programming languages of the market. Also, the language has been reported as the second in the best languages in the year 2017 and 2018 consecutively.

The Python language’s fast growth is due to the fantastic features that the language offers to its users, such as simple to use interface, easy to understand skills and attractive syntax. Also, the programming language is reliable, efficient and highly professional.

Python has been considered as one of the most high-demanding programming languages by now by many of the companies due to its versatility. Though the language still has to work a lot in mobile computing, it has been used by many big brands of the world to get the best results in many of the projects.

The Python Course

Looking at the fast-growing popularity of the Python programming language, some candidates are going forward to take up the course for them. The online course is designed in such a way that it can be taken in the form of a live classroom option or also in the form of interactive e-learning session.

To get enrolled in the program, candidates do not need any kind of eligibility apart from the basic knowledge of programming and object-orientation. A certification course is an ideal option for many professionals such as data scientists, engineers, web developers, etc. Of course, candidates who wish to get expertise in Python programming language are welcome to get into this program.

After completing the course, the candidates can be aware of many different options such as Python basics, Python fundamentals, data structures, modules, conditional statements, object-orientation, and many others. The curriculum is provided with the theoretical options, but also various case studies can help the candidates gain practical knowledge. The practical sessions are again a significant help that motivates the candidates to appear in the exam with confidence and can score good and finally get the certification for the course.

Due to the increasing demand of the Python language, certification courses in the programming language have increased quite much in the last few years. Candidates are getting themselves enrolled in the training programs and getting certified to look for great opportunities in some of the best companies across the globe. The simplified programming language has been offering a high field of work to the best companies worldwide. It provides a great career and an excellent salary package for the candidates who have taken up the certification course.

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