Hide the AC Units In Your Home With 2 Creative Interior Designing Ideas

Most homeowners look for unique and creative ways to improve the home décor of their house or apartment. Unfortunately, they often fail to hide their ugly AC units in the room, and they become an eyesore when compared to the rest of the room. Experts from home décor and interior design companies state that most of the time, homeowners do not even place the importance of the AC unit in their interior designing plan. Therefore, when all the work is completed, they just place the AC unit in any corner they deem fit, and this spoils the whole look.

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2 Ways to hide ugly AC units and make them aesthetically appealing

AC units do not have to be ugly to spoil the appearance of your room. Experts from home décor companies suggest that when you are placing the AC, look for the best spot in your room where it will look good and perform to its optimal levels. Given below are two effective ways that help you to make the AC unit look beautiful in your room and allow it to function without hassles at all-

  1. Wooden beams, patterns, and paints- When you install your AC unit, you can decorate the area with wooden beams. You can also create a false beam around the AC unit to hide it. You can place lights to accentuate the space and allow the AC unit to function correctly without problems. Creative experts often come up with exciting ideas that change the unit into a spectacular piece of artwork, keeping in mind the décor of the room. They often use woodwork, paint, and other patterns to change the unit into a decorative piece that often becomes the focal point of attention as well.
  • Custom decorative covers-Choose decorative covers that complement the paint colour of your room and have an aesthetic appeal. You can choose from a wide range of prints and patterns. For instance, if you have a window AC unit, you can select a cover with floral or geometrical designs. When the AC is not in use during the winter months, these decorative covers will make the room charming and appealing.
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Interior designer tips for a mini-split AC for any room in your home

If you have a mini-split AC, some of the best spots for installing it would be on the top of a doorway, cabinet, bed, or a bookshelf. You can also install the mini-split AC inside an open shelf that blends in well with the interior design of the room. Finally, when you are focusing on interior design and the placement of the AC unit, ensure the design you create is simple. The patterns and paints you use must match the wall colour. If you wish to enhance the decorative element of the AC cover unit, you can attach a small showpiece on the wall with it. The masterpiece will improve the decoration and attract the attention of guests that visit your home as well.

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