How Casinos Use RNG to Make Games Fun

In video games and casino games, there is a gameplay feature called RNG. RNGs, or random number generators, are what give players their rewards and loot drops, and define whether they get a critical hit with one of their attacks. If there is the outcome of action could be left up to luck then that gameplay is because of RNG.

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Online casino games would not be what they are without RNG. RNG is what makes you get a jackpot or just a small win, it’s also important as it makes casino games entertaining.

Where to Find RNG in Casino Games

RNG is found in all types of casino games such as slot games and table games such as roulette. In a slot game, the way that the symbols match up is affected by RNG. If the game gives you a good number with RNG then you could potentially win the jackpot but if you get a bad number you may not win anything. In a table game like roulette, RNG is what “chooses” the number on which the ball will fall in any given game – whether that’s the number you’ve chosen or not.

Information about how RNG works and how often players could win the jackpot or any other amount of money is typically found next to online casino games. All of the slots and games at Regal Wins have that information in their details. Casino games use something called RTP or return to player to show much of a player’s wager will be returned to them over time, so if a player wagers $1 and spins the slot 100 times, with an RTP of 90% they can expect to get $90 back. RNGs can actually be programmed to preset values to meet the RTP of a given casino game – a slot game, for example – and that’s how the two are related.

Is RNG Used in Other Games?

RNG Used in Other Games
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RNG is important in many video games and not just in online casinos. In online casinos, RNG determines whether you win the jackpot, get your wager back or lose, but in other video games RNG affects how often loot is dropped by enemies and what loot is dropped. Multiplayer game Overwatch has loot boxes which give players skins, sprays, emotes, and voice lines when they’re opened. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also has loot boxes that give players new clothing to put on their characters.

The popularity of this kind of random gameplay loot boxes is why YouTubers are making videos about opening all kinds of loot boxes. An article by Polygon about loot box videos reveals that some YouTubers are spending thousands on loot boxes which may offer them money and other rewards. This confirms that gamers enjoy the potential for great loot or exciting gameplay moments in casino games and video games whether they are playing the games or watching somebody else play them.

Why RNG is So Fun

An article by How to Geek about RNG says that one of the biggest reasons for RNG in games is that it makes gamers feel like they are enjoying something new. In games like Tetris, where the blocks fall randomly, players are unable to memorize how the blocks fall and so have to make quick decisions. In games with loot boxes and loot drops, gamers also feel excited when they see a cool weapon drop because they know that RNG means that there was only a small likelihood of getting it.

RNG has been criticized in some games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone where the way that a bullet hits an enemy or what cards are drawn can be down to RNG and not skill. This can be frustrating for those who want to get better at a game and don’t just want to let numbers be why they win or lose. However, knowing what RNG is and how it works in games allows gamers to enjoy the gameplay without trying to take it down.

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