From Angry Birds to AI: How App Development Industry has Evolved over the years

Gone are the days when the 80’s kids and their younger 90’s sibling babies used to gel along for a game of ‘Snake’ or ‘Space Impact’ on dad’s mobile phone, which was built to last the sands of time. Now that the technology has evolved at breakneck speeds, it was inevitable to witness the breakthrough we did in this decade.

Sure, the app development dynamic only shaped up after smartphones came into the climax of their existence. That only happened when bigwigs saw potential in this market that inevitably paid off. At this very moment, there are close to 4 million apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store combined. If it weren’t for the breakthroughs, the world wouldn’t be swapping between its four favorite apps on a six-inch screen.

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If you ask any apps developer company how the scope of mobile app development has changed with time, the fundamental part and parcel is the technological advancement that has made app development a child’s play, or that’s what a simpleton thinks. In reality, proper mobile app development is done best if taken care of by experts in the field.

Changing Dynamic of Mobile App Development

It’s a Differential Game

The world of app development doesn’t belong to the laggards. The real winners are ones that come out with something new and different than what’s already in the market. Taking the same package and wrapping it as a unique present won’t cut it unless there are game-changing innovations involved in it. Some of the weirdest and bizarre ideas have made their way into the hall of fame in terms of popularity.

Projects are Cost-Effective

In earlier times, hardly any applications existed in app stores. The primary reason was, of course, the lack of technological knowledge among people in terms of app development but also money. App development companies used to charge formidable amounts of money, and rightly so – the technology was exclusive in itself. But now that app development is a household task that got simplified, and techniques did come in to make it cost-effective.

Mobile Apps are DIY now

There are plenty of platforms and software that assist in making mobile apps through a step by step wizard. Also called DIY app development platforms, they provide the user with an easy way to self-construct applications with preset templates with good customization options through a wizard. This might work as a little side project to delve into app development’s intricacies, but it’s not the best choice for a proper application. Useful mobile apps are best left to the experts, and there’s no stopping the potential that a well-built application has to show for it.

Think about it, do you want your customers to use an app that was made through some wizards? Especially when it comes to an organization getting itself represented from the look and feel of the application.

App Development is a One-Stop-Shop Service

The most significant trend in app development has to be the way developers have evolved for clients’ convenience. A client always wants to get things done from one place, and app developers are now a one-stop-shop service where everything related to an application, from its inception to its launch and even marketing, can be taken care of under the same roof. You can find out how a top software development company handles their software development process for more insight.


Yes, you heard it right! Modern applications are simple to use and understand. Indeed, they are easy to design, build and launch, which makes them even more adaptable. Besides all these, they simplify the entire navigation journey of users. Hence, we can conclude that that is simple, helpful as well as designed to assist users.

Now that app development has gone through astronomical changes, one thing that remains constant is the client’s satisfaction and the ultimate user’s utility from the app. Let’s see what the app-world has to surprise us in the recent decade!

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