Everything You Need To Know About Converting Word Docs to PDF

Today’s processes have dramatically changed how we do things. No matter how bleak things may be, we as humans have chosen to move forward. Despite the pandemic, schools and businesses have resumed, trying to jump-start the economy. With this, more processes have switched from physical to digital. We do more things now with the help of the digital space. Instead of physically presenting proposals or passing documents, we instead rely on emails and online meetings. One of the techniques that you have to know regarding these new processes is changing the file format. You may have a lot of questions about this but let us lay them out one by one.

PDF document

There are several ways on how to convert Doc to PDF. Here are some of them: 

Converting word document to PDF file with 

Converting files manually can sometimes be laborious, especially when you are dealing with loads of word documents to be converted into PDF. Thankfully, there are reliable online sites like that will do the trick for you. Here is how:

1. Open a reliable site like PDFBear

Especially today when more people rely on the digital space for almost everything, there are lots of malicious elements that can hack your data and use it against you. This is why you have to be careful of everything you upload online, especially when it is sensitive or confidential. When it comes to dealing with documents, choose a site that you are sure to be secure,.

2. Click Select File or drag your file on the upload box

Upon reaching the site, you will have to click Select File, then look for the word document that you wish to convert. If the window where your word document is placed is already ready, you can drag the file on the upload box, and it would upload on its own.

3. Allow PDF converter to scan the document

At this point, the site’s system will do its things and scan your word document.

4. Wait for the site to finish converting

Once it has already scanned your document, you can now wait for it to finish converting.

5. Download your PDF file

After converting, your PDF file will now be ready for download! Depending on the internet connection and the file size, this will usually take a few seconds to finish.

There you have it! Using your trusty converter site like PDFBear is highly convenient when you are busy doing other work. It allows you to leave your files on the site, multitask to doing your other work, then going back only to download it.

Converting Word document to PDF file the old-fashioned way

1. After opening the document, go to File at the upper left corner of your Word document.

2. Click Save As

After choosing the File option, you will be welcomed by the usual options that we all have tried. When converting your word document to PDf, you have to save it into an entirely new file. Therefore, you must choose Save As.

3. Choose a location where you want to save your document

Make sure to save your would-be PDF file in its proper location to save yourself the inconvenience of looking for your file from the wealth of folders you have.

4. Be sure to check the file name

It can be confusing because once you have saved your PDF file, it would have the same file name as your word document. Check your file name or rename it to one that will indicate that it is a different file as before.

5. Choose PDF

Below the bar where you put the file name, there is a drop-down arrow that will introduce you to other different file types that you can save your word document into. You will have to pick PDF as your file type.

6. Click Save

Upon clicking Save, there you have it! Your word document is now a PDF file.

Why should you convert word documents to PDF?

Now that you know how to convert your word document to PDF, we can now talk about why you should bother converting to PDF, especially when you are about to upload it online. Here are the reasons why:

1. Keep the integrity of the file

One advantage of PDF files compared to word documents is its ability to maintain the integrity of your file and avoid unauthorized editing from other people. PDF files present your documents in an already fixed format that no one can edit. It ensures that the content of your document will be safe and will be maintained as it is.

2. Ensure compatibility to different formats

Word documents can sometimes go nuts depending on the version and software that your receiver will use upon opening your file. Fonts also change the format of word documents. PDF files ensure that your document will be left the way it is. 

Convert your word document to PDF

Now that you know everything about converting Word to PDF, let this be a big help on how you do your work online! Converting Word to PDF has a lot more advantages than you can think of. You can even be more creative and break boundaries that word documents restrict you with. By doing this, you have to make sure that you are using a reliable site like PDFBear.

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