Choosing The Right Word to PDF Converter

In these times, we make things paperless with people nowadays leaning towards technology. Others even don’t want to read newspapers because it’s already available online for free. Still, online is more prone to security theft or copyrights; other kinds of formats are massive. 


That is why PDF or portable document formats were created in the 1990s. To give a solution to these undying problems. With PDF, your works are light in size, unified-formatting, and it is cross-platform compatible. 

How to Use Online PDF converter

The online Word to PDF converter you use should be easy. With PDFBear, converting files is as easy as snapping your fingers. Here are the easy steps on how to transform your files into PDF with PDFBear.

Step 1: Prepare the file you want to convert into a PDF.

Step 2: Open your web browser and search for PDFBear.

Step 3: Click select files on PDFBear and select the file you want to convert or you can drag and drop your file on the converter box. Conversion of your file will instantly start.

Step 4: Wait for your file to finish converting.

Step 5: Download the PDF file you converted, and you can easily save it into your hard drives, or you can share it with your friends or at work instantly by just copying its link.

PDF cannot be edited, so it cannot be extracted for tables for analyzing or citing a paragraph for paper writing. But we can always alter the PDF document so we can have full editing access to all elements. To change PDF files to editable Word, Excel, etc., we need a reliable PDF converter. 

Your Converter Should be Accurate

In choosing your PDF file converter, it should be accurate in extracting every single element in your PDF, such as the fonts, images, text, charts, and figures. It should also keep its original formatting and layout to its full extent. Why use PDF files if we can’t use and edit those elements?

The most challenging part is working with PDF conversion is probably when you convert PDF to word, excel, etc.; other PDF converters have issues in the layout part. That is why your PDF converter should be accurate or have the perfect delivery of its PDF elements and layout preservations.

It Should Have Different Converting Format Options

The PDF converter you should choose should provide you with a different variety of converting formats, for instance, PDF to Word, JPG, PNG, PDF/A, PPT, etc. and it should also provide you more than just a converter, for example, editing, adding watermarks, rotating your PDF, and even unlocking PDF.

It Should be Fast in Processing 

Another significant factor in choosing the right PDF converter for you is that it should be high efficiency. You wouldn’t want to wait for hours to get the result you have been waiting for. Using a desktop PDF converter requires or depends on your software’s performance and your computer’s configuration.

Thus, sometimes, it is slower than an online PDF converter. Online PDF converter depends on the server’s performance, your internet speed, and the size you have uploaded to be converted. If your file is massive in size, you can compress it before uploading it in an online PDF converter to reduce the size. 

Consider the Security of Online PDF Converter

Unlike your desktop PDF converter, it will base your Internet Servers in processing your online PDF converter. Make sure the online PDF converter you are using will guarantee you an automatic deletion of the file you have uploaded to their servers to avoid leaking our files on the internet. 

Usually, this process takes up to 24 hours and makes sure that it uses SSL encryption to protect all of your data. Choose those who don’t require you to submit via email, so you can avoid those who record your personal information.

Can Convert in Batch

Occasionally we must convert our files in a batch, for sometimes we have many files to reverse. That is why we need batch conversion. What if we need to convert our files into different formats? We don’t want to waste our time waiting for the first one to finish before we can start transforming the other files.

There are some sites of PDF converters that allow you to convert your files in a batch, and you can open over one tab to process all of your conversion. By doing this, it would only save you more time.


Having a clean and straightforward user-interface makes an online PDF converter more engaging for the users. With just one glance, we can see the functions and tools we are looking for. It can make the software or the service much easier to use.


Before you pay for the service or the software, always make sure to try its free trial first and look at the privileges the premium users can have before purchasing or availing of the premium.


Having your files in a word file, excel, etc., is excellent for you to edit it right away without looking for servers that could help, but your security is at risk in this kind of file. That is why a PDF converter is there to protect you. So choose the best PDF converter that is available online. Try it out now for all your PDF conversion needs!

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