Does Delta 8 Help You Sleep?

Delta 8 hemp flowers generally deliver the most sought-after flavors or high regardless if you’re trying out Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa strains.


And the choices vary depending on what your purpose may be for using it. For example, are you looking for something to alleviate body pain? Or do you want to get stoned through a delta 8 flower?

Either way, there is something in the wide selection of delta 8 flower collections for your needs!

How different is Delta 8 from Delta 9?

Both items have an incorporated THC level, but the delta 8 flowers a lower quantity of this chemical, making it less psychoactive than its counterpart, as told by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

In this way, when used by an individual, the “high” is not as strong when using the latter, yet the person could still feel that potent buzz they’re after. In addition, according to NCI, the product has anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, appetite-stimulating, and pain-relieving properties.

It is also protected under the 2018 Farm Bill, where it was stated that since they only contain .3% of THC, these hemp-derived products are legal, along with hemp cultivation. 

Still, some states are yet to embrace the same ideology. However, recent changes have made recreational and medical use of cannabis more accessible.

Delta 8 helps with sleep: Fact or bluff?

People also theorized that this substance would stimulate sleep because of the properties mentioned above, which many people who suffer from insomnia need.

Per the NCI, the delta 8 THC carts double bind with the CBD receptors within the nervous system, so it was easier to manage the calming down process among the mental activity, heart rate, and breathing, regulating the sleep cycle by promoting relaxation.

Although the studies about the relationship between sleep and delta 8 are lacking, a published review of Current Psychiatry Reports has revealed that research regarding cannabis and sleep produced mixed results.

In general, THC has short-term benefits to sleep, but chronic consumption of the product could hurt the person’s sleep cycle.

The same publication disclosed an interview with a marketing director from Hii Stick, Ian Bush. Bush told the publication that their delta 8 item offers a relaxed body and quiet mind, which are the vital ingredients to fall and stay asleep.

This notes that the THC could provide a solution to sleep latency. Bust further explains that even his friends, who are usually light sleepers, have found delta 8 helpful. Moreover, other customers mentioned a state of lucid dreaming, where the awareness that they’re dreaming while asleep is evident to them.

However, whether you or someone you know is having trouble falling asleep due to discomfort, Bush said that one customer’s mother has found relief in delta 8. It alleviated her pain points through the chemical’s pain-relieving properties, where it improved muscle relaxation.

How can I use delta 8 for sleep?

The first step is to look for a medical professional, especially if you have other medications. It’s not possible to overdose or experience adverse side effects while under delta 8. Even so, it’s still crucial that you discuss the plan with your doctor.

Second, make sure to time your dosage when the delta 8 effects are at their peak, around bedtime, for better results.

Third, pick a delivery method. If you want a swift good night’s sleep, try using the product with a vape. But if you suffer from waking up periodically throughout the night, it might be the right choice to take an edible instead.

Fourth, choose the correct strength. As a CBD product, delta 8 offers various strengths in milligrams. In this case, you might want to start by taking a low dosage.

Last but not least, combine the delta 8 with other active ingredients or cannabinoids. For instance, CBD and THC form a harmonious relationship where they encourage each other to release their maximum effects.

Additionally, active ingredients within the companies’ formulas from plant-based compounds, like melatonin or lavender, could promote sleep and relaxation.

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