Desoldering Atmega128 using a lighter

I heard about this method and decided to try it with my board. I needed to replace the Atmega128 chip but didn’t have hot air solder for desoldering IC. I tried this weird desoldering technique, and I can say that I was satisfied. Tracks and other parts weren’t damaged. The Atmega128 board is working again as before.


  1. nice video but i dont think that the chip will work again

  2. Tim Nicholson


    I think this video was produced in association with the “Bodgit and Leggett” school of hardware engineering!

    A lesson in how not to remove a SMD part.

  3. I agree this is really raw method. There is no guarantee that removed part will work again. This is not what you do on daily basis, it’s just for demonstration that it’s possible.

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