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Build Piconomic Atmega128 development board by yourself

Earlier I have written about Piconomic learning course and its nice development board they provide. You can purchase the board if you are from a South Africa internationally for $49.99 + $9.37 airmail shipping with a tracking number, which takes 2-4 weeks, depending on customs delays. Of course, there is an excellent opportunity to build this board by yourself. They allow building a development board for free only for personal use by using their Protel 99 SE project files. So I decided to make one and now it is standing on my table and blinking blue led.

First of all I have ordered to make PCB by using milling-drilling plotter. Of course I could make board by myself, but i wanted to save some time and nerves in case of errors. After one week my board was shipped to me:


Then I bought all parts needed. Just one thing that didn’t go well was that I couldn’t get capacitors and resistors in SMD packages 0603, so I used 0805 lied on side.


It doesn’t look very OK but works. Presently I have checked the Piconomic project logs and found out that they improved the board layout files by exchanging all 0603 SMD parts to 0805, but it was too late for me as my board was already manufactured.

For you who will decide to build one, it will be easier.

As most of the parts were easy to get, I soldered the board:


Compare to the original version:


Not too bad. And it cost me about 40$ (I didn’t put data flash memory yet).

I have written small blue LED blink routine here – the first program to make sure development board works OK. Download it here.


  1. Piconomic sells the development board internationally now for only $49.99 + $9.37 airmail shipping with a tracking number, which takes 2-4 weeks, depending on custom delays. Please update your browser to our new website:

  2. Thank you Pieter. Just updated web page with your new information.

  3. Hi!
    Where can I download the PCB layout?

  4. Hi.
    Thanks for your help. I need the PCB image to, not only layout. I want to make this board for myself. Sorry, it is my fault.

  5. I have just checked their website. They are not sharing the PCB files any more.

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  8. Very, very small volume of at89s52 development board DIY, support the motor-driven and isp interface programming.

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  10. Hi, the link above “Protel 99 SE project” is not found ,can you please mal it to me if you still have it ?because i need urgently, thanks in advance.

  11. Can you share the PCB & shcematics files please ?

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