Careers That Can Save Lives

Often, when we are looking for a new career, we consider the wages and benefits available. How often have we considered the impact that our career can have on others? Some jobs are designed to show our compassion for our neighbors, provide nurturing when others need it, and even save lives. Here are some top jobs that allow folks to save lives every day.

Substance Abuse Counselor

The National Center of Health Statistics estimated that over 50,000 people died from a drug overdose in 2015. The statistic’s focus is on hard street drugs to prevent accidental overdoses from non-addicts from skewing the numbers. Considering the substance abuse counselor’s role at facilities like HARP heroin detox & rehab, imagine how many people they may have saved that year! While the statistic does focus on harder drugs, many who opt for rehabilitation are not hardcore drug addicts but rather regular people who have a tough time coping.

Becoming a counselor requires some education, some passion, and some mental strength in dealing with rehabilitation’s emotional process. If you are highly motivated to really change lives, this is one job you should consider.

The Medical Field

When people think of “saving lives” often, a doctor or nurse is rushing to someone’s side in the middle of a medical crisis. We must admit, it is one of the top professions in the medical field. However, there are other ways of working in the medical field that supports those doctors and nurses who are working hard and support the patients that depend on them. A few ideas are:

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Hospital Administration
  • Ultrasound Technician
  • Social worker
  • Cafeteria Cook (someone is making the meals for patients!)

Of course, if you have dreams of being a doctor or nurse or joining one of the locum agencies for doctors, you should work towards that! Visit CNA classes 101 for more information.

Not for Profit

Non-profit work is often assumed that one works hard, makes very little, and isn’t rewarded. But that cannot be further from the truth, except for the hard work part. You will work hard, you will make money, and you will be rewarded for being able to help people indirectly. Whether it’s working for a foundation that does research to eliminate brain cancer, a foundation that is focused on improving the lives of young children with Down syndrome, or an organization that provides children with necessities to get them through school, you save a life every day by doing that work. Stopping common problems in our society in the early stages is the best way to save lives and provide better for other people.  The education needed will depend on the position you apply for. It doesn’t matter which position; all of them are supporting a great cause!

Don’t be afraid to look at unique ways to work a career that fulfills your need to nurture your community. Small actions combined with other peoples’ small actions are what make the difference in the world. Together we can combat addictions, health issues, and poverty issues to make for a better and happier society. Our careers should reflect who we are and our passions, not paycheck and benefits. Hopefully, you have been inspired to really think about your career and focus on doing something for the love of it!

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