Best Sporting Tech To Aid Your Fitness Goals

Keeping fit has become such an important part of life in recent times with many trying to push themselves to the limit and enable them to declare themselves as fit. Due to this, technology has also jumped on this hype and have now developed many different types of sporting tech that enhances your sporting experience – today we look at some of our favourites.


The Fit Bit was the first smartwatch that allowed you to track your fitness goals whilst exercising or even just use as an everyday watch to count your steps. Since their initial release, the Fit Bit has now upped its game even further and can even offer tools on their watch that can track stress, EDA sensor, notifications for your heart rates becoming to high or low and also a skin temperature. All of these factors really show to us why it is the most sold fitness watch to date.

Some of the sports techs spoke about today is worn by some of the top athletes in the world and will be there go to when trying to become fitter and match ready. With the Premier League’s return last month, football stars will certainly be looking to use such tech to ensure they are at peak performance. Betting Sites Not On Gamstop can enable us to bet on our favourite sports teams and stars to attempt to try and produce a profit from the comfort of your own home.

Certainly, one piece of kit that Premier League football stars are certain to use is Altitude masks. These masks have quickly become a craze for athletes who take getting fit seriously as they have no been scientifically proven to increase your body’s growth hormone levels by up with 25% with exercise; astonishing numbers. These masks come with different resistance levels that change in the intensity of your breathing without removing the mask during your workout. Better breathing whilst training allows for stamina levels to be increased, enhanced recovery and increase workout capacity.

The final bit of tech that we have been impressed with recently is that of the BKOOL Indoor Bike Simulator which has been super popular during 2020 due to many of us becoming addicted to cycling whilst in the height of the pandemic. This simulator is the future of training at home, especially in winter. It gives you all the different cycle routes around the world and thousands of fitness class that you can enjoy whenever – very impressive.

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