Top dishes from around the world you should try

It does not matter whether you can travel the world or not, but why should you compromise on the food? There are certain delicacies and food items that are exotic and mostly exclusive to certain parts of the world. However, if you dig deeper, you might find it in one or two restaurants in your country. If not, you can check for the recipe of the said dish online, and cook it for yourself at home or try it when you visit the country. Be assured all the dishes we mentioned here are lip-smacking any worth a try. So, let’s get started and take a look at some of the most scrumptious dishes from around the world.

Meat Pie – Australia

Meat Pie

Maira, who offers online services where you can pay someone to write a paper, says that during her stay in Australia, she tried their meat pie and it was purely the best thing she had put on her tongue in a while. In general, Australians love their meat pies, and they consume millions of it every year. In Australia, you can either find it in a café or eat it on the go. Wherever you eat, do consume it like the locals with chilled or warm tomato sauce topping.

Apfelstrudel – Austria


If you are planning to try out the local dishes of Austria, you cannot miss out on the Apfelstrudel. More commonly known as the Viennese apple strudel, it is a tart apple that is mixed with a sweet pastry for a classic combination. Austrians usually enjoy it with their evening coffee. 

Moules Frites – Belgium

In Belgium, the fries and mussels are excessively popular. You can either order it plain, or frites mixed with some curry powder, or steamed mussels, whichever way you like.

Pudim – Brazil

Jia, who offers online do my statistics homeworkservices, says that when she tried Pudim, it mostly looked like a flan to her. However, that’s not entirely true. The Brazilian Pudim is softer in texture. It is an authentic dessert that you can find in every café, home, or restaurant in Brazil. 

Poutine – Canada


I doubt there’s anything to not like about Poutine. A fine composition of cheese curds, gravy, and fries, it is a savoury dish that is available in the US, but the Canada version has some extra flavour. In some of the Canadian restaurants, you can find more than 100 variants of the dish. So, there’s definitely something for every palate.

Kidney Pie and Steak – England

When in England, you have to try this savoury flavour dish that is made with pork or lamb kidneys. The Brits love the melt in mouth flavour of this dish, and so would you. 

Squeaky Cheese – Finland

I am not sure whether you’ll find the squeaky cheese of Finland elsewhere in the world, but if you are in Finland, this one is truly unmissable. The mild cheese of the Leipäjuusto is served with cloudberry jam and is pan-fried. It is mostly eaten as a dessert with coffee. 

Macarons – France

The Macarons are the best-selling pastries of France. It is a delectable cookie that is available in a multitude of flavours. 

Spanakopita – Greece


Chad, who offers online assignment helpsays that Spanakopita is the authentic savoury dish of Greece that is made with spinach and feta pie. It has been around for the past 400 years and can be found at almost every bakery in the country.  

Goulash – Hungary

Goulash is a classic Hungarian dish that is more like an explosion of flavours on your tongue. If you take a visit to Hungary in September, you should visit the Szolnok’s famous annual goulash festival. 

Deep-Fried Olives – Italy

Whenever someone refers to Italian food, the first thing that comes to our mind is Pasta and Pizza. However, there’s more to Italy than just that. One such dish is the deep-fried olives. This dish originated in the Ascoli-Piceno, and then gained popularity and moved to the northern region. There is a vast variety available in it from ground-beef-stuffed to prosciutto-stuffed at both restaurants and local vendors.

Ramen – Japan


In Japan, the Ramen noodles are not served in a styrofoam cup. Gigi, who offers the best machine learning course online, says that Japanese ramen is mostly served as Chinese-style noodles with miso or soy sauce with a meat broth flavour. Every region of Japan has a distinct version of the Ramen. Some eat it with corn while others eat it with a boiled egg. 

So, these are the top dishes from around the world that you should try.

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