The Entertainer’s Guide to Hosting a Virtual Happy Hour

Even if you can’t gather all your friends together for some reasons, nothing should hinder you from hosting them virtually. After all, some apps like Google Hangouts and FaceTime allow you converse with anyone face to face over the internet. Most likely, you have used the internet for a virtual tour, to get virtual Professional article writing, and for virtual training. Now it’s time to use it to host a virtual happy hour. You don’t have to worry about anything even if you don’t have any hosting experience before. This article is a full guide, so we’ve got you covered. Here are the things you should do if you are hosting a virtual happy hour:

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1. Send a Formal Invitation

Design an attractive digital invitation and send it to all the people you want to invite. You can use a website like Paperless Post to design your invitation. A beautiful letter will provide hints that you plan to make the party exciting and rewarding.

2. Suggest a Special Cocktail

Make the event feel hosted by sending a recipe to all the people you’re hosting. It’s better than telling everyone to choose anything to consume. Just ensure you select something easy to prepare. It’ll ignite the feeling of togetherness in everyone.

3. Serve Your Drink Out of an Elegant Cup

A time like this is the best one to use your best wineglass. Even if you have been hiding the glass for years, it’s time to take it out and serve your drink inside it. It’s a way for you to have unique feelings about what you’re hosting. The way you feel will reflect in your voice, and it will influence others too.

4. Actually, Get Dressed

You may want to wear casual clothes, but casual dressing won’t promote a virtual happy hour. To make things look like a real event, you need to dress up and look great. It’s not a must for you to put on a party gown and apply red lipstick, but make sure you aren’t wearing anything casual.

5. Add Some Ambiance

Although your friends won’t come around to see the kind of atmosphere you create. It’s still essential that you create some ambience. You should burn your favourite candle and make your home feel bar-like. It’s a great way to set yourself in the right mood.

6. Don’t Forget the Mute Button

While you are preparing all the items that you need to host a happy hour, you shouldn’t forget the importance of the mute button. When someone else is talking, you should stay on mute. This is just to avoid introducing background noise from your environment into what the person is saying.


As host, you must realise that the fun that everyone catches depends on how you plan and coordinate everything. If you aim to make everyone happy, then you should follow this guide. It’s what you need to make everyone happy.

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