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Best Smart Watches On The Market Today

When smartwatches were initially released, it wasn’t certain that they were going to be a success with many being cautious whether to purchase or not. However, since then, the tech has drastically improved and now you can’t walk down the street without noticing someone talking into their watch or paying for their coffee with the touch of a button. With the market now being pretty flooded, we assess our favourite smartwatches on the market.

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One of the best smartwatches that we have found on the market has to be the predecessor of the Galaxy Watch with is the Samsun Galaxy Watch 3. This watch is quite easily Samsung’s most accomplished watch to date due to its impressive and expensive feeling design and it has clearly built on the pros of the Galaxy Watch and made them even better. Galaxy Watch 3 also brings the unique rotating bezel that makes navigating around the smartwatch a dream and something that makes it stand out amongst its competitors.

Of course, if we are going to talk smart watch and not mention an Apple Watch then we would be somewhat clueless. Apple have just released their Series 6 is the flagship watch when it comes to wearable tech. Although we think the Galaxy Watch 3 is the best on the market, the Series 6 is certainly the best if you have an iPhone. The impressive performance and improved health features are its top seller, but due to the design still being similar to that of the Series 1, we believe it needs an update.

Technology and certainly smart technology that is wearable has gone off the charts in terms of demand, and this is because how fast the market is moving in terms of advancement and has allowed for us consumers to do virtually anything on our tech possible now. Due to this, other industries have also benefitted from this like Max Casinos as many now are gambling on the go due to the use of the apps made by app developers which are of the highest quality and the ease of access is unbelievable.

The final smartwatch in which we will talk about is that of the FitBit Versa 2 which is their top of the range model; like the Series 6, it has an always-on display and ties that in with very impressive battery life and is certainly more affordable than the other two watches spoken about. However, this is shown as there isn’t any GPS on this watch and it also doesn’t work with any third-party apps from your Android or iOS which is slightly annoying.

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