Best cellphone tracker in 2021- review

Smartphones have stolen our lives, and young kids are the most affected community worldwide. Phones have snatched our interest from daily life activities, and we are screwed with a digital screen no time ever before. The cell phone spy apps introduce themselves for a decade to spy and track cellphone activity for several legitimate reasons.

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Suppose you have lost your cellphone, and you may have no way to bring it back. You would frustrate and panic about your data on the phone. It is possible these days that your teen is planning for a blind date, and you remain unaware it is dangerous for your child’s safety. Moreover, your employee has just breached your business phone privacy and start leaking crucial data to someone else to make money.

You do not need to worry about what difficult situation you are facing at the moment.  The best mobile tracker in 2021 will never disappoint you.

What is the best cellphone tracking app?

The cell phone tracker app is the best solution for all of your parental and employee monitoring concerns. TheOneSpy has come up with the best cell phone tracker apps that support you being a single parent. Moreover, bring ease in your life to keep tabs on your employees during working hours. It brings the best spy app features to monitor and track cellphones connected to the internet.

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You can install it on your target phone without facing hassles. It is easy to subscribe because you will know it is compatible with (android+iPhone) devices. It is offering a non-rooted cell phone spy app for android phones and tablets. However, get jailbreak solution for iPhones. TheOneSpy products for cellphones are hidden and temper-proof applications.

How do cell phone trackers work?

You can use it but, first, you have to get a subscription online. Moreover, you need to visit the webpage of TheOneSpy to get your hands on an android tracker or cellphone spy app for iPhone. Here are the following steps you need to perform to use the world’s best cellphone tracker app.

Step1: Subscribe to TheOneSpy cellphone spy app

It is easy to have a subscription, and it requires your presence on its official website that you can browse on your cellphone device. Further, visit the buy now page and choose (Android or iPhone) for a subscription. Moreover, strike on the page of your choice and make payment. You will receive a customer support email with credentials.

Step2: Get physical access on android or iPhone

The installation process requires physical access on the target Android or iPhone device. You need physical access to the target device and get started with the process. Further, activate the phone tracker after a successful installation process.

Step3: activate online dashboard of cellphone tracker

It requires credentials and use password and ID, and gets access to the web control panel. You can further go to the feature tab and activate the spying tools using the sync button.

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app Features For android

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Here are the top-notch features or phone tracker app that you can use to spy on the cellphone of your device and track your employee’s location. Let’s take a look at the following tools.

Remote spy

It is one of the best tools of cellphone tracker that empowers you remote spy on the target phone. You can block incoming calls, messages, and internet access on your kid’s mobile devices. Parents can use it to block kid’s inappropriate activities.

Password chaser

Users can access on the android phone and crack home screen passwords. You can monitor digit and pattern passwords. Parents can use it to crack password protect devices of their kids secretly.

GPS location tracking

Cell phone spying software has the best location tracking features that can do magic for you. You can track the real–time location of your kid’s hidden whereabouts. Moreover, track location history, route map, and set Geo –fence to mark safe and restricted places for your kids.

Browsing history

Users can access cellphone browsers secretly using the cell phone monitoring app. It empowers you to know visited websites with a schedule to set parental control for the digital well-being of kids. Users can also check bookmarking activity.

Record android surrounds

Users can listen to the surroundings of a cellphone device remotely. However, use a screen recorder on the target phone and take over the cellphone device microphone. It enables users to record surrounds voice conversations, sounds, and voices and send data to the dashboard.


Users can stream live surrounds of cellphones using cell phone spy software. You need to use the live camera streaming tool that connected the phone cameras to the dashboard and you can watch the live activities of the target device surrounds.

Text messages tracker

Users can spy on the cellular network of any cellphone device and further monitor text messages and SMS sent and received with a schedule.

Price & compatibility

TheOneSpy android tracking app is offering Xlite edition for $6.25 per month and Premium edition for $12.5. It supports Android OS version 5.0 up to 11.0.

TheOneSpy iPhone spy app Features 

The iPhone tracking app is one of the best cell phone trackers that we have come across in 2021. It is a trustworthy and reliable application because it offers a jailbreak solution for iOS devices. It is a phone tracker that empowers you to set parental control on kid’s iPhones. Here are the set of features that you need to know.

  • WhatsApp
  • iMessages
  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Installed apps
  • Notes
  • SMS
  • Device info


Users need to jailbreak the target iPhone device and then get physical access to the target device to start the installation process otherwise you cannot install a cell phone spy app for iPhone (jailbreak) to set parental control on your kid’s.

IPhone spy price

  • 01 month for $35
  • 03 month for $55
  • 06 month for $99


TheOneSpy is one of the best cellphone spy and phone trackers in 2201. It is the best solution for setting parental control on kids and keeps tabs on your employees on android and iOS devices.

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