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Benefits and Challenges of Voice Recognition Technology

Different sectors in the society, including business, healthcare and other facilities have been changes when voice recognition technology was introduced. It has its benefits, but it also poses some challenges. However, it has its full potential that can be utilized by different businesses.

voice recognition technology

To start with, voice recognition is a technology that has been introduced to households and individuals for convenience. With just the use of your voice, you can give commands that will then be interpreted as functions that the device will do. Voice AI is something that is not only being used by individuals to make their lives easier. It is something that most companies have adopted because of the efficiency that it promises. Unlike the usual typing and scrolling that is done with Smartphones, voice recognition allows lesser effort from both customers and businesses.

How does Voice Recognition Technology Works

Voice recognition technology can be explained pretty simply by how it works. There is voice recognition software that is used to record the voice sample of a specific individual. The speech will then be digitized, and a template or a voiceprint is going to be created from it. Sophisticatedly, the words that were spoken are going to be broken up. It will be segmented in different tones. And finally, the digitized tones are going to be used in the creation of the voice template of the speaker, which is going to be so unique.


Here are the different benefits of using voice recognition technology:

  • Reusable Data

Just like any other data, you can expect voice data to be reusable. This means that the data that has already been transcribed are readily available whenever it is needed. Since the documentation and coding are accurate, businesses can reuse their data. This will certainly eliminate a great number of efforts and it can make work more efficient.

  • Productivity

It has been proven that making use of voice transcription in hospitals make physicians more productive. This is because they do not have to spend so many hours working on the data as it is recorded efficiently. As a result, these physicians can see more patients, and they can increase the number of individuals they can accommodate. This is how documentation with the use of voice transaction and voice recognition technology can change businesses. There is no need for more time manually coding and recording data. It would save you a lot of time.

  • It is Fairly Accurate

Another thing that you can expect from voice recognition is that it is fairly accurate. However, there is still a need to review it at the time for it to be a hundred percent perfect. However, unlike other ways of documentation and collecting of data, you can expect that the data you will be able to get using voice recognition technology is free from errors. This is one way on how you can easily increase your credibility and lessen the work that needs to be done. With the use of voice recognition software, it is now easier to offer reliable results.

  • It Allows for Hands-free Work

Imagine how it is to deal with a client or complete a task manually. In terms of taking a call from a customer, if it is done manually, it will take a lot of time. This is because there is a need to take note of important details by typing on the computer. It requires a lot of effort from the person who is doing it. However, in voice recognition, completion of a task or dealing with a client can be done easily. The voice AI can facilitate in a very efficient and convenient manner. There is no need to use other materials, and there is no need to maintain that connection and focus. The client has to provide the information, and it will be recorded accurately.

  • Controlling Digital Devices

With the use of digital devices, people can communicate with the computer. This is how Google Home and Alexa work. These are digital personal assistants. These are also great examples of how a machine can understand speech and spoken commands. With signals that enable the process, voice recognition technology can easily control devices.

Challenges of Voice Recognition Technology

Challenges of Voice Recognition Technology

Now that you are already familiar with the benefits provided by voice recognition technology, here are some of the challenges that you must also expect:

  • Compatibility Issues

When it comes to the compatibility problem, we are talking about both software and hardware. Some devices are not compatible with some software. This is one thing that may affect how you will be able to use voice recognition software. If there is incompatibility, the device will not be able to recognize it, and it may lead to glitches. Aside from that, it can also be a reason for errors to occur in the transcription process. With this, you will not be able to document accurate data or even get the task done.

  • Needs Training

This is one thing that you should expect and should be able to master if you are going to be a user. Firstly, you need to train yourself on how to make use of voice recognition technology. Aside from that, the software also needs to be trained for it to be able to understand the tone, the diction and the accent of the user. This training is essential for you to enable the software for transcription. And if you are going to upgrade your software, you also need to go for new sessions of training. This is one of the difficult parts of setting up. It is ironic because the main reason why people prefer to use voice recognition technology is to save time.

  • Facing Resistance

This is an issue that does is not really connected with the software. It is an issue that is connected with the user. Some users would be resistant to change. Most of these people are those who are coming from older generations. If voice recognition technology is going to be introduced to businesses and other industries, it is to be expected that people are coming from different generations.

It is also expected that even with the promise to easier documentation; there will be people who will resist this change. This is one thing that can make the whole process of transition a bit difficult not only to businesses but also to clients. Aside from the generational difference, other factors may affect how people view this change. Some are already used to the routine and the process they are doing for a long time now. This may have some psychological implication on the way people will be adjusting.

Final Words

Voice recognition technology as a trend is something that a lot of people want to embrace. It is something that can provide benefits not only to households but also to business. However, the evolution and the process of improving it are still ongoing. With that in mind, it has to be noted that there is still a need for companies to continue innovating it.

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