Android mobile app promotion instrument for any niche

Do you have a dating app for Android mobile app promotion? Or maybe a simulation game? Or is it a photo editor? Have you tried all the strategies but don’t have organic traffic yet? If the answer is “yes,” this article is for you. We’re going to give you a new instrument for app promotion. Let’s figure out what it is!

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Keyword promotion for Android apps

Promotion by keywords should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. No matter what kind of app you have, it will certainly improve your ranking and bring more traffic. Keyword research is your first stage. You can do it yourself or address an ASO specialist of What should you do? Analyze applications in your category. Read through the titles and descriptions of your competitors. If they have a top rank, they have keywords in their texts. Please pick them up and check whether they are relevant to your product. Type a keyword in the search field of Play Market and scroll the search results. If all products are similar to yours, that’s the right phrase for you. Also, you can predict your potential users’ intentions yourself. Find the core – the word that is the most meaningful for your application. For a billing app, it may be “billing” or “invoice”. Create combinations using noun+noun, noun+adjective, noun+verb, noun+adverb phrases. That’s how you will prepare a keyword cloud for your app.

Ordering installs by keywords

You have chosen keywords for promotion. What to do next? Surely, ordering installs for them. In the early stage, when you don’t have a top position, buy approx. 20 installs per day. Please don’t order it extensively, as the algorithm may ban you. Having got a top 20 rank, enhance the number of installs 1.5 times every two days. In this way, you’ll get more conversion and make your Android mobile app promotion proficient.

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