A Guide for Designing Your Kids’ Bedroom

At a young age, kids already know what they want. They learn to enjoy and appreciate the things surrounding them. As the child grows, they learn to express their desires and opinions. Some kids want to have a private room. With their imagination, they already have some ideas about how their bedroom should look. Designing and decorating their room should be a fun collaboration between you and your child. Consider the things and areas that they want to have in their room. Choosing the right furniture takes time.

So, today we’ll give you some kids bedroom storage ideas to help you make your kids’ room comfortable and enjoyable. Keep reading to find out more.

Tips to Remember

Kids are never too young to know what they want. Involve them in planning and decorating their room. It’s their bedroom, after all. Here are the helpful tips to consider.

  1. Ask the room owner how they want it to be. Your child must be the head in choosing the design of the bedroom. It will be their private place, and they will probably stay there all the time. You can add your suggestions and recommendations to make everything better.
  2. Consider your child’s height. Make sure they can reach the storage, benches, and closet. Under-the-bed pull-out storage can be an excellent place to store their toys. Your kid will learn how to be independent if he can organize the room properly. Keep everything within their reach so they won’t need adults to get the things they need.
  3. Keep everything simple. Keep decorations at a minimum to have ample space for essential things. It must be simple and adorable.
  4. Safety is a top priority. In choosing the tables and cabinets, avoid those with sharp edges and made of glass. Kids are playful and can accidentally hurt themselves with sharp and glass furniture. All electrical outlets must have protective covers. If possible, do not place furniture near the window. Make sure that wall furniture is appropriately mounted and has been covered to avoid things from falling.
  5. Stick to the budget. You may want to give everything to your child, but you must also set limitations. As you keep them involved in designing their room, be open about the budget they have. It will help avoid misunderstandings if the design does not meet all their wants.
  6. Choose durable furniture. Your kids’ room must grow with them. Select the storage with high quality and can accommodate their increasing material possessions. Though themed beds are great, it is better to choose a simple queen-size bed that they can use until they reach college. 
  7. Functionality is important. All the furniture and decorations in the room must have a purpose. It must be practical and easy to maintain. It is a place where they can sleep, study, and play.
  8. Use Good Quality Sheets. Using good quality, hypoallergenic sheets can ensure your kids are getting the best night’s sleep they can, and lets you as a parent get some rest yourself! Our choice would be a set of eco-friendly bamboo sheets.

Every Detail Matter 

The room lighting is an integral part of the room. Make sure it can light up the entire room. It also helps to have a lamp on the study table. Choose a beautifully patterned LED light. You can have curtains that go well with the theme of the room. The best thing about the curtains is that you can change them easily compared to the wall paint. It is practical to have a sticker or wallpaper to achieve the theme your child wants. It is easier to remove and is cheaper. The storage must also be big enough. It is better if the kids’ bedroom storage can last until he grows up. You can also have floor carpets to make the room cozy and will add a special touch. Don’t forget that sleep is very important, so use quality sheets such as bamboo cot sheets, that are natural bamboo, soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and thermo-regulating.

Design Inspirations

There are many bedroom design ideas you can find online. You can even customize the furniture if you can’t find something that will satisfy your needs. For bedroom themes and inspirations, you can check Pinterest. Other popular sources are Elledecor.com and GoodHousekeeping.com. You can also check Storables.com for kids’ bedroom storage ideas. They have listed different choices that you can quickly assess and compare with each other. 

Some kids would want to have a theme for their room. They may choose a favorite movie or character. The issue arises when they only want them because of the current popularity of the animation series that they are watching. It may be a trend now, but it will not stay long. Your kids may wake up one day and decide they do not want the bedroom design they have. That is why it is essential to guide them properly and choose a timeless design and only add the character or theme in a particular part of the room.


The kids’ experience in decorating their first room can give them a sense of responsibility for their choices. A space that they want is an enjoyable place for them to relax and bond with you or their siblings. The entire process must be a partnership between you and your child.

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