All You Need To Know About Paraquat Exposure and What To Do After Being Exposed

Paraquat exposure can be dangerous, and it may even lead a person to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Even there are laws and regulations for the same that allow paraquat victims to file a paraquat lawsuit settlement for the consequences caused due to the exposure. 


But how do you get exposed to paraquat? What to do if you have recently been exposed to paraquat? If these questions are hitting your mind, then check out this guide to get acquainted with all the necessary details:

How can one be exposed to paraquat?

Paraquat usually makes its way to your body through the ingestion process. You can become a victim to paraquat exposure if it comes mixed with water, food, or any other beverages. 

And, the worst part is that if the paraquat mixed in your food or water does not contain any safeguard additives that let out an odor, you might not even have a hint about consuming paraquat. Thus eating or drinking anything that has parquet mixed in it can poison people and lead to severe consequences. 

Another way of paraquat poisoning is skin exposure. Staying exposed to paraquat for a long time, especially when you have a cut, rash, sore, or bruise, paraquat can quickly enter your body through such places where your skin is not intact. Further inhaling paraquat can also be dangerous and can cause lung diseases. 

How to prevent yourself from paraquat exposure?

Removing your clothes

If you have been exposed to paraquat, then remove your clothes immediately and dispose of them. If you are wearing something that should be taken off while pulling it over your head, then consider cutting it off to take it out from your body rather than pulling it and risking your face to exposure. 

You are someone helping a person remove their clothes exposed to paraquat, make sure that you wear gloves and a mask and prevent yourself from touching contaminated areas. 

Wash yourself

Next, after removing your clothes, wash every area that has been exposed to paraquat. Taking a bath using soap and water is a better way out because soap can help kill chemicals on your skin. If you feel a burning sensation in your eyes, then rinse your eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes until the burning sensation subsides. 

Further, if you wear contact lenses, make sure to remove them and do not use them again even if they are not disposable ones, as they can be dangerous. On the contrary, if you wear spectacles, you can consider washing them with soap and water before you use them again. 

Dispose your clothes

As mentioned above, you should essentially dispose of your clothes exposed to paraquat rather than using them again. And, disposing of them is not enough; safe disposal is also required. Pack the clothes in a plastic bag, use rubber gloves while doing the same and try to save yourself from getting in touch with the contaminated items. 

Next, seal the plastic bag, place it inside another plastic bag and contact any personnel from the state health department to help you out with the disposal process. 


We hope this guide helps you understand how you could be exposed to paraquat and how you need to deal with the same after the exposure. So, if you have faced any such paraquat exposure, make sure to follow the instructions mentioned above to save yourself from suffering the consequences.  

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