6 Ways Someone Can Attempt to Hack Your Account

Cybercriminals target Google accounts for they hold a lot of data, and people use them for vital services. The accounts have security features and make it hard for attackers to access. But, most of these features are optional. Thus, most of these accounts are open to online theft. Some people hack accounts for a living, and so there is no shortage of potential victims. But, most people are not in the know of how a hacker can access their accounts. Below are ways hackers attempt to hack into your account. 

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1. Public Wi-Fi 

You could be streaming thepirateproxybay.com legit site with public Wi-Fi for it is convenient, and you can download movies and shows to watch later. However, it is not a secure Wi-Fi connection, and some access points are not encrypted. Thus, it is easy for someone to steal your password. Plus, other criminals create malicious access points to steal information. Therefore, avoid such techniques by using encrypted access points you trust. One way to protect yourself from these attacks is by using a VPN. 

2. Guessing passwords 

Most people use passwords based on what they like. For instance, they can use the name of their band, pet, child, or musician. Unfortunately, most hackers research a victim and are aware of these before attempting to guess your password. Also, hackers can go as far as asking people these questions for this purpose. So, if you want to use an easy-to-remember password, it is best to avoid using any that a hacker can research and get through your social media, for instance.

3. Phishing emails

phishing emails

Hackers use sophisticated phishing emails when targeting google accounts. The emails may seem to be from Google. But, as you follow the link, they are from websites that steal your passwords. To recognize the phishing email, always check the sender. If google has to contact you, the email address will end with google.com. Also, if the email you receive asks you to open your google account, enter the URL manually. 

4. Secondary account hacks 

Every time you sign up for a google account, they ask you to provide an email address. In this way, you can retrieve your account if you forget your password. But, this feature is another way for criminals to hack your account. Also, hackers are aware that the secondary account is not in use often. And so it does not have strong security and may attempt to hack the account. For this reason, ensure your secondary account has a unique and strong password. Ensure all your accounts have strong passwords, and you can use a password manager if you are worried you will not remember all of them. 

5. Automated password cracking 

Using weak passwords for your google account makes it easy for hackers to crack it. Through using automated software, they attempt large amounts of common passwords people use. To prevent them from trying to hack your account. Use a strong password and one that is unique. Choose at least ten characters for your password and include numbers, letters, and symbols. 

6. Data dumps 

data security

Websites that go through hacking are not specific ones, but all are victims. If you are a member of a website that is hacked, they can steal your password and publish it online. Therefore, if you have to use our google account outside of google, it is one way you are risking your account. Make sure your google account password is unique in case you have to use it elsewhere. Importantly, use unique passwords on any other important accounts, for instance, bank accounts. 

To sum up, above are some ways anyone can hack into your google account. Therefore, it is vital to be safe and cautious as you deal with your google accounts. Anyone that has experienced hacking knows it is inconvenient, and it takes a lot to recover data back. But those who are keen on hackers have all the safety precautions in place. Another way someone can hack your account is through key loggers to steal passwords. But, to avoid them, do not download email attachments and avoid malicious websites. Plus, use reputable antivirus software.

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