7 Essential Things for Google Places Optimization Services

Local SEO is vital to small companies that function on a regional level. With national SEO, businesses are focused on ranking high across the nation. If you wish to concentrate on local SEO, you need first to understand that you will be visible in a particular location. This method will have you marketing your company, products, or services to potential clients. Before you get into local SEO, you need to learn about a google places optimization service


Local SEO optimization will see you get more traffic, high-quality leads, and possibly conversions if you have the right products or services. It would be best if you looked at local SEO as a crucial tool in your marketing strategy. There is a chance you may compete against well-established brands that have big budgets. All you need to do is be consistent with local SEO and target the right keywords. Big brands mostly focus on brand power instead of providing products and services. 

If you want to succeed with Google places optimization, here are seven things that you need to do: 

1. Set Up a Google My Business Profile

Creating and optimizing your Google My Business account will help you rank high on Maps and increase visibility on the SERPs. To access your business profile to optimize the profile, you have to set up an account linked to the profile. After filling out the required information in the account, the data will automatically appear on the profile, and later, you will see it on the local search results and Google Maps. 

2. Ensure Customers Leave Reviews

Not only do customer reviews optimize your presence on Google Maps, but they will attract other local clients to engage with your brand. If you have excellent products or services, you will see an increase in revenue. According to online surveys, an estimated 85% of online customers use reviews to influence their choices. 

3. Voice Search

Today, it’s no secret that most people are starting to adopt voice search when they want to search for relevant information. Hence, it’s essential to optimize your profile with local SEO to reach people who use voice search instead of typing their searches. And you need to be aware that most clients will use long-tail keywords when they speak into their devices. 

You need to change your SEO strategy, create content that uses a conversational tone. For instance, you need to find out which terms are commonly used when searching. Also, it is vital to think about the user’s intentions when you begin optimizing. Always remember most users are looking for specific information, product, or service. Also, a potential customer can ask about your hours of operation. This information needs to be available. 

4. Write Localized Content

Creating content that appeals to potential local customers will grab customers’ attention quickly. The internet is fueled by content. Most people go online to read the content and get to see your brand through high-quality content. For example, as a local roofing company, you can have different pages for different locations. These pages can have localized content. If you create local content, you will rank quickly on the SERPs. 

5. Optimize for Mobile Users

According to recent studies on desktop versus mobile trends, it was discovered that most people are on their mobile more than their computers. Mobile users have increased exponentially from 2016. So, we’re in 2021, and if you wish to rank highly on SERPs, you need to optimize your site for mobile users. It is a crucial component for SEO. 

6. Target Local Keywords

To reach potential clients, you must use relevant keywords. If you’re doubting, you can try it, and you will see the results. With Google’s keyword planner, you can filter keywords according to location so that you find popular keywords for the area you’re targeting. 

You will get the chance to create local keywords. The keywords need to show up on your copy, the website’s meta content, and the URL. Also, you can include location hotspots in your articles. For instance, if your locksmith shop serves clients in New Jersey, include references such as “get your locks fixed next to a popular landmark in the area.”

7. Make Sure You Create Location Pages

You must have location pages if your company is based in more than one area. The pages should have the following information:

  • Name, Address, and Contact line
  • Hours of operation
  • Reviews or Testimonials
  • Parking 
  • Google Maps linked to each page
  • Description
  • Promotions

Make sure each location is handled correctly. You must have unique content for each location. 

When you use the above tactics to optimize your brand for local relevance and rankings, you create a comprehensive local SEO strategy that works for businesses with one location or one hundred. 

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