6 Striking Facts About Iran That Will Excite You To Visit The Place

Sharing a border with Armenia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Turkey, Iran is popularly known for its beautiful landscape and rugged mountains. The country is regarded as a republic in Asia. There are more astonishing facts you should learn about the country that will surely give you the urge to visit it someday. Here are some of them:

The Three Wise Men Were Originated From Iran

This is one of the striking Iran facts worth reading for. Did you know that the three notable characters in the Bible, popularly known as The Three Wise Men, originally came from the country of Iran? These characters from the Bible’s Nativity story brought gifts to newborn Jesus Christ. According to Marco Polo, a famous Italian explorer, he visited these men’s graves in modern-day Tehran. 

Surgery For Gender Reassignment Is Highly Legal

Iran is a country where homosexuality is prohibited. However, homosexual people are allowed to undergo surgery for gender reassignment. Despite the social stigma related to the gender reassignment decision, there are still hundreds of homosexual folks that fearlessly go through the surgery. 

Contraceptives and Family Planning Are Free

From birth controls, permanent sterilization, to condoms, contraceptives are freely given to all Iranian citizens. In fact, the country is a home of contraceptive factories. Before getting their marriage license, couples in Iran are required to take their family planning class. This initial requirement helps couples control childbirth. Once a mother gives birth to her third child, the Iran government will reduce her maternity leave benefits. 

Polygamy Is Legal

Polygamy or the custom of marrying multiple spouses is highly legal in Iran as long as the first wife of the man and the court permits him to marry a second wife. In fact, a man can have up to four wives as long as the situation is okay for the other wives. The woman is also free to divorce her husband anytime after the man marries for the second time. 

Persian Literature Is One Of The Oldest Written Texts

The literature in Persia has a rich history and is regarded as one of the oldest forms of written texts dating back to over 2,500 years ago. These written texts continue to influence modern-day literature. The prose of Persian contributed to renowned artists and poets in the world, such as Friedrich Nietzche and William Shakespeare. 

Rhinoplasty Is A Trend

Rhinoplasty is very common in Iran. It becomes a form of self-expression or rebellion. When you visit the place, you can usually see women and men with bandages in their nasal bridges. It is particularly more popular for young people living in Iran. In fact, this trend is the main reason the country is named the “nose job capital of the world.” 


Iran may not be on your top dream destination spot for vacation, but once you visit the place, you will be amazed by its incredible view and rich history, culture, and literature. The country can give you thousands of interesting information to learn about. 

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