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5 Curious Bird Facts You Need To Know

Birds are curious creatures –  they’re as ancient as dinosaurs, but some species are domesticated as late as the 19th century to be great household pets. In this article, we’ve collated some bird facts across the board that are not only curious; they can also be great conversation starters. Here are five bird facts you may have missed: 

Albatrosses live to at most 50 years

One of the most interesting albatross facts is that they can live to up to 50 years. These large birds are not just long-lived, they also have a wingspan of a staggering 11 feet! That’s why these birds are so majestic to see while in-flight. There are at least 12 different albatross species in the world today, with at least more than 80% hovering on the surface of any open water formation right now.

Ravens can mimic human speech

Ravens are constantly rated as one of the most intelligent of birds. While parrots and other similar species can mimic human speech to a degree, what most people don’t know is that ravens can mimic human speech when trained and domesticated, and they are better equipped than the formerly mentioned birds in doing it.

It’s not only human speech that ravens are good at. They can also mimic human sounds, as well as sounds from the environment – both in nature and in the city. In captivity, ravens acclimate to the sounds of their surroundings better, while in the wild, they usually mimic the sounds of known predators.

Cardinals cover themselves in ants

There’s a little known fact in ornithology that most scientists and enthusiasts are aware of but don’t really know why it is happening. It’s called “anting”, which is the process of one bird, usually a cardinal, covering itself with dead or live ants. Cardinals are often observed to abide by this practice, but several related species were observed to do so as well. 

One explanation of this is that the birds let the ants live on their feathers because they need them to eliminate lice and other little parasites. In what is called an “ant bath”, a kind of acid is formed on the feathers of these birds, which helps in curbing microorganisms living in the birds’ feathers.

Some species of ducks sleep with their eyes open

If you happen to observe some wild ducks while they are in groups, you might have noticed that they cluster up when napping. The ducks on the outer layer of the cluster will nap with one eye open to monitor possible predators. Through this process, half of their brains nap while the other half is working.

Pigeons were once used to deliver Olympic results

Arguably the first species of birds to be domesticated, pigeons have long served many a purpose to humankind – as food, as pets, and as some sort of courier. Ancient records from the first Olympic games state that pigeons were used to send and deliver Olympic results. They were also used as message couriers in war, which means they basically should be honorary soldiers.


These are just some of the facts that make the world of birds immersive and interesting. So if you want to become an ornithologist someday, you’ll need to learn a comprehensive amount about birds!

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