5 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About New York

New York is the 4th most packed, the 7th most populated, and the 27th most enormous of all states in America. The place rests in the northeastern part of the United States. It achieved statehood on the 26th of July, 1788, turning to be the 11th country to join the alliance. Its six neighboring states are Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island (water border).

New York

Even though New York is probably the most famous city on Earth, a significant business core from where “the big” judgments concerning the wide world are created, few New York facts are hidden to the broader society.

New York is one of the marvelous spots in the world. Here are some of the most striking facts about this interesting place that you probably don’t know but may entice you if you are preparing to travel there.

1. The Oldest Building Dates Back to About 1642.

The Brooklyn house was first built in the 1640s by a formerly enslaved servant. The Wyckoff family occupied the house until 1901, and it was labeled an official landmark of the city in 1965. Today, it serves as a museum committed to the city’s Dutch ancestry. 

2. New Yorkers Speak More than 800 Languages

Considering that 37% of the city’s population comes from different countries, people might not be shocked that there are many languages used. Some specialists insist that there are over 800 languages uttered in the city. At the same time, other people say it is only a little more than 200 different languages, but nevertheless, that’s a lot of spoken languages!

Truly, it’s one of the many New York facts you will ever know! It is such a distinct and multicultural city.

3. The Grand Central Terminal Owns a ‘Whispering Gallery’

The place is an architectural gem, and the interior is certainly impressive to look at. However, that’s not solely what arises with this exorbitant train station. 

Another attractive place that you should not miss – that’s The Whispering Gallery. While you’re there, you can be at opposing diagonal nooks and whisper to the ones standing on the opposite side of the room.

4. New York Taxis were Green and Red.

The yellow taxi is one of the most identifiable symbols of New York, but the first-ever gasoline-powered taxi firm, established in 1907, originally used green and red cars. In fact, yellow ones were used in several other cities everywhere in the United States before New York embraced them in 1912. 

5. Farting in a Church in New York is a Crime

Being topless may be permitted in New York, but farting in any church there could result in misconduct. 

This crime is based on their law asserting a person is guilty of disturbance or disruption of a funeral, burial, religious rite, or memorial service when he does silly noise or interference while at lawfully gathered places within 100 feet thereof, with the purpose to cause alarm or annoyance or carelessly conceiving a risk thereof.”


After learning all the interesting facts about the city, you’re in on the mysteries of this globally famous city. Which one amazed you the most? With its enthralling history, diverse urban culture, and lush natural beauty, New York definitely has something for everybody. If you’ve decided to visit or relocate to New York, look for rooms for rent as soon as possible so you may get a better deal.

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