5 Tips to Keep Your Guns Safe While Inside Your Home

Whether you accept it or not, guns are a big part of our past, present, and future. Ever since the first slingshot was made, it made every difference where it was used. Fast forward to today’s improvements, and we now have AR-15s, Deagle’s, 12 gauge shotguns, Barretts, M4 bb guns from the UK’s largest supplier, and more. 

Guns Safe

Of course, owning a gun doesn’t automatically mean you’re a violent person. Owning a firearm is everyone’s right. As stated in the second amendment: we have the “right to bear arms.” No doubt, guns can be very dangerous when it comes to the wrong hands. As responsible gun owners, it’s our responsibility to keep our weapons safe. 

One of the best ways to keep a gun safe is to store it. With that said, here are some tips to help you properly store your gun.

Determine Type of Firearm

To determine which gun storage solutions you need, you have to know what type of firearms you own. First off, each gun needs to have its own storage space. Unless you’re disassembling your AR-15 for storage, then you’ll need a longer, more suitable cabinet for your rifle. And if it’s about gun cabinets we’re talking about, it’s not just wooden cabinets and padlocks. You’ll need something more than that to keep your guns out of the wrong hands.

These long gun cabinets or safes are also ideal for hunting rifles, shotguns, and other, longer firearms. If you own a pistol, however, say a 9mm Glock G19, then you’ll need a small lockbox. Ideally, you’ll need a big and sturdy cabinet, especially if you own more than two or three guns. You should also place ammunition in that same cabinet as a bullet can also be dangerous. 

Locking Steel Gun Cabinets

Where gun safes can be too heavy or big to install, Locking Steel Gun Cabinets are the next best thing. These cabinets may have thinner steel and simple locking mechanisms compared to gun safes, but these do the job just as well. With the extra storage, you’ll also be able to store ammunition, tools, and other modifications you keep.

Pistol Cases

Pistols are more compact and are easier to carry around with you compared to a rifle or shotgun. With that said, most states have open carry, concealed carry, and many gun transport regulations. If your state requires that you put a weapon in a case for transporting, then pistol cases are perfect. They’re heavy, secure, and most boxes also have secure locks.

The only problem with pistol cases is that if you leave it just anywhere, it can easily get stolen or taken by your kids or anyone else in the household. Make sure to store your pistol cases in a secure and hidden area in your house.

Trigger Locks

For another extra layer of safety and security when storing guns, it’s a good idea to add trigger locks. These locks prevent unauthorized users from holding the trigger. These locks can also prevent loading ammunition into the barrel to prevent any accidental firing. Use trigger locks and the other methods mentioned above to keep your kids and other unauthorized people away from your guns.

Fingerprint Scanners

Another method that you can use to secure your guns is by using biometric fingerprint scanners. These scanners are more advanced and allow more than one user to register their fingerprints. If there are two or more responsible gun owners/users in the household, then fingerprint scanners are the perfect solution.


With all the problems arising today, it only makes sense that most of us own guns. Guns, first and foremost, are for self-defense and hunting use only. To make sure that it stays that way, store your firearms properly. 

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