World of Warcraft Classic

Fans of World of Warcraft are excited since they are soon getting hands on the new version of World of Warcraft called as, World of Warcraft’s Classic. The game is getting traditional servers that mimic Azeroth existed in 2006. The fans of World of Warcraft are curious to know the release date of this new version while developers plan to release it on August 27, 2019.

Beta testing players are using the Beta version of the game. For new Warcraft players, there are fewer chances to access the beta version. Back to WoW Classic, many players misunderstand intended features to bugs that were not. For instance, Hitboxes of Tauren and the melee is more considerable as compared to other races. When your player is critically stuck, sit does not cause strength like blood craze or enrage. The health regeneration of a warrior is working at the expected rate. Players cannot track the quest objective and points of interest on the minimap.

 WoW Classic

The current game is much different than it was initially launched in 2004. Characters classes are overhauled many times, updates and expansions have changed the system. Most of the players enjoy these changes and updates, but some of them still miss the old World of Warcraft. Blizzard the developers of the games announced that they have the plan to support the game with updates. The new World of War classic will be the same as the World of Warcraft was back in 2006. The battles will be much slower and will be deadlier since Burning Crusade came out.

To build the World of Warcraft Classic, the developers have selected to use patch 1.12 called, Drum of War. There are some obvious reasons for this selection. This patch was most stable, well balanced that is why it said to be the Vanilla version of World of Warcraft. This game will not be the same as the modern World of Warcraft with an established system of World of Warcraft gold market, because it will be a dynamic game that always changes. The developers aim to provide the same experience of 2004 – 2006, and for this purpose, they will continuously release updates that will introduce core features or new dungeons. Items or abilities balance may stay the same throughout the life of World of Warcraft classic. 

New and old players must be subscribers to play the game. Moreover, if any player comes after a long break, then follow these simple steps.

  • The first step is to recover the account of Blizzard.
  • In the second step, activate the subscription of World of Warcraft from Blizzard shop. Install the game using the Desktop app of blizzard app.
  • In the third step, players must have to create a character, and the game will start from the first level. Your previous characters will be available in World of Warcraft, but they will not be available in World of Warcraft Classic.

Massive changes are also made, such as wide monitors are now supported, and players need a 64-bit operating system. Moreover, you can report a player just by the right-click. The characters will be limited to a player’s account such as WoW classic realm will have a maximum of 10 characters and a maximum of 50 characters in players region across all of the WoW classic realm. About 60 days are left in the worldwide release of World of Warcraft Classic.

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