Why You Should be Syncing Your Public Folder to Your Smart Phones

Do you use a public folder? Then it’s time that you start considering syncing them to your smartphone! But why? Read on to find out why you should sync public folder to iPhone or Android.

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Why Sync Public Folders to Smart Phones

What’s so important about syncing public folders to smartphones? Isn’t it possible to just view it without the need to sync all the information? Here are a couple of reasons why it’s worth the time and effort to sync Public Folders to you and your team’s smartphones:

1.     You view contacts and calendars from Public Folders

This is pretty much a no-brainer, though not many people actually realize how Public Folders can’t be accessed on a smartphone. Public Folders are designed as central repositories for information on your contacts and calendars. All this information, designed to be only viewed via smartphone, is inaccessible.

However, there are third-party apps that allow you to sync Public Folders to smartphones, which can make things much more convenient. Once you have it synced, you can save a lot of time compared to manually loading the app and opening the Public Folder, scrolling to find what you’re looking for every time you need to.

2.   Automatically Updates Contacts and Calendars

When you don’t sync your Public Folders to your smartphone, that means all you can do is to view current content within your folders. When information is added, altered, updated, or deleted, you’ll need to go back and look at your folder again for it to refresh. Even worse, you wouldn’t even know if something was changed, you get no updates!

When you do sync your Public Folders, you enable automatic syncs as well, so you have access to live shared calendars and contacts all on your smartphone.

So, if you have a meeting canceled abruptly, no worries. The update will go to your smartphone.

Standard view-Public-Folders-on-the-smartphone solutions won’t have you know about sudden changes until it’s too late of meeting changes or contact updates. With automatic sync, you won’t have such problems and can adjust your plans according to updated information on-the-go.

3.     Offline Access with Business Continuity and Security

Many companies already use Public Folders as a primary way to store data, shared contacts, as well as emergency procedures. Think about what may happen if you end up being out of service, offline, in an emergency, or if there has been an issue with Microsoft that results in you not being able to access your data?

When you’re only viewing the Public Folder, you’ll end up being locked out, unable to access your data at all. When you sync your Public Folder to your smartphone, this solves any issues and what-ifs.

Rather than worrying about getting information on time and finding what you need to go from there, you’re assured all the latest information you need is up live and updated on your smartphone.

4.     You Save on Cost and Data

A lot of people would load up their Public Folder on various devices, checking it several times a day. This would add up not only in data costs but in productivity losses, too.

When you enable automatic syncing of the Public Folder content to your smartphone, you are ensured that all information is love on your phone whole you receive updates as soon as it’s saved. Only new and updated information will be pushed to your devices, saving a LOT of data and confusion in the long run. This is an amazing benefit not only for you but for your entire team!

5.     Central Management

Another fantastic benefit of having your Public Folders synced to all the smartphones in your company is that it would remove the many-to-many aspects of Public Folders. Rather, it will create one-to-many scenarios.

Meaning, when all individual users update their phone on an ad-hoc basis, it would create situations that dozens of people are updating who and what they need, as well as when and where they want MANUALLY.

When you allow to sync the Public Folder according to distribution groups, it allows one person to control all the distribution of data. This would save a lot of time and money while increasing accuracy and deliverability.

Wrapping It Up

Syncing your Public Folder with smartphones has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. While it does take some effort, you can get started with the right third-party apps or programs. The best part about the sync is that it’s affordable and can be done anytime.

I hope this article encouraged you to sync your Public Folder to your smartphones. Don’t wait any longer and get started in syncing your data and information now! For any questions or insights, share them in the comments section below, all thoughts are much appreciated.

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