Why You Need Cloud Backup for Your Business

An estimated sixty percent of the small businesses that encounter a cyber-attack or data loss do not survive within the next six months. It is also worth noting that about fifty-eight percent of market are actually not prepared for such attacks or data loss. This tells you just how much danger that these businesses are in. The rate of cybercrime increases by the day.

More so, it gets worse as technology advances, and more people get the know-how of launching data breaches. The good news is that most businesses have come to the realization of the dangers of not protecting their data. For that reason, it is forecasted that 78 percent of the companies will be going for cloud data storage by 2020.

Cloud Backup for Your Business

The risks of not having a cloud backup solution

IT support Vancouver services are there to help you avoid and mitigate the following risks.

1. Virus attacks

Did you now that malware is being created every passing day. In fact, by 2014, 317 million computer viruses had already been created. Apart from the shocking statistics, there is another message that the report is passing: your data is not safe.

There are different types of malware. For instance, there is ransomware that encrypts the files of the users denying them access until they pay a certain amount of money as ransom. There is also Adware, which as the name suggests, exposes users to unwanted advertisements.

2. Deletion of files

Most of data loss results from human error. To show how serious it is, it is worth noting that it accounts for 70 percent of data loss. Therefore, any time you handle or your employees handle data; there is a chance that it could get lost through deletion. While accidents are inevitable at times, having alternatives is wise. This is why you need to back up your data in the cloud or external storage devices.

3. Theft

No matter how much you do due diligence on your staff before hiring them, you never know when they are going to turn on you. Data is susceptible to theft, especially if it is stored in external storage devices. Cloud backup solutions are often preferred as they provide maximum protection to information. How is that? Well, there is adequate control of access to the data. Only persons with a password can access data.

Cloud backup solutions are vital for both small businesses and large corporations. On top of data protection, cloud solutions are scalable and together with the use of vCIO tools allow remote access to data.  

With data being surrounded by the risks mentioned above, it is critical that businesses put measures in place to protect data, hence business continuity. Remember that small businesses face the most significant risk of data loss and attacks. Why? Cybercriminals view them as soft targets as most of them do not have data security strategies in place. Do not wait until disaster strikes, approach IT experts, and learn a few things on best practices in the light of handling data.

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