Why Using Ruby on Rails

Nowadays, many big and small companies prefer using Ruby on Rails when creating applications that are to be delivered on the web. It is not surprising, as Ruby on Rails offers lots of advantages over other web development frameworks.

Lets have a closer look at the benefits of Ruby on Rails or Ruby, as it is usually called.

This framework’s main advantage is that it makes the life of a web developer easier by allowing writing less code, which is achievable due to a leaner code base. Ruby on Rails is very easy to use. Besides, it gives speed and flexibility that no other scripting language or framework can give. Creating websites with Ruby on Rails is a lot faster and easier than with other web developing solutions. Generally, to develop and launch a website, the developer needs about twelve weeks. While using Ruby on Rails, a web developer needs six weeks to complete a similar project. The modular design of Ruby on Rails allows reusing earlier created elements rather than creating new ones. Making changes and adjustments is also a lot easier if a site is created with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is a great tool for the development of membership and e-commerce websites. Its wide set of user-friendly tools and modular approach allow creating excellent eCommerce websites and cramming them with various features that website visitors are so fond of. Developing high-end social networking and membership websites is also easier with Ruby on Rails. It provides a great choice of plugins that help solve a myriad of social networking tasks.

In addition to being a powerful web development tool, Ruby on Rails offers excellent content management features. Navigating through the website and managing its content (adding articles, video, and audio files) is significantly easier with Ruby on Rails.

Another advantage of using Ruby on Rails for web development is its cost-effectiveness. Since developing and modifying websites is a lot quicker with Rais, a project can be completed quicker and therefore with lesser investments. At the same time, the fast speed of website development does not influence its performance and quality.

Considering all the benefits of using Ruby on Rails developers, it is safe to say that this web application framework is one of the most efficient solutions for web development. It allows creating applications quickly and with minimal effort and expenses.

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  1. Ruby is a solid language. What I love about it is that it does not give you one way to do something, but a number of ways to reach your point – that flexibility described in the article. One of the high points is as you mentioned about development times. Ruby on Rails gives an opportunity to complete a project 6 weeks compared to 12 weeks in a different language doing a similar project.

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