Why Stickers Can be Good for Marketing Your Business

Both ordinary users and representatives of the business love them. For some, they allow to express the subtlest nuances of mood in correspondence, and for others – they solve brand tasks. Guess what they are? Let’s find out the secret of stickers’ popularity and business benefits. You can learn more about how to create them on appslikethese.

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It all started with the Japanese Line messenger, which launched Sticker Shop in the summer of 2011 with several collections of funny sticker pictures. From that moment, ordinary messenger became a favorite means of correspondence in all Asian countries. After a while, branded stickers appeared in other messengers as well. Social networks also quickly caught the trend. They began to develop the direction of marketing stickers, involving brands and advertising agencies.

Emoticons in the hands of brands

Businesses have also begun to use branded stickers in marketing campaigns actively. They help to natively build into users’ communication and increase the number of contacts with the audience. The result is a win-win: users with branded stickers get new ways to express emotions, and companies get recognition and reach. In addition, stickers create additional citations for companies. Successful stickers are written about in the media, and they are talked about in professional communities.

Emoticons enable brands to integrate into regular human-to-human communications when interlocutors are in a more relaxed environment – all of which benefits marketing.

Why businesses need sticker marketing

A business that uses stickers to communicate with customers gets another bonus – emoticons give the brand’s voice humanity. Thus, in social networks, b2c communication becomes more trusting, even friendly. This contributes to the emergence of brand advocates who are ready to talk about their favorite company on their pages on networks. These days, large and small companies are more likely to use emotional communication with their customers. Emoticons help them do this. If emojis add emotion to a message, then stickers can replace an entire sentence.

Sticker marketing is one of the easiest and most understandable ways to build a new type of business communication called human to human (person to person).

Today, the main thing in marketing strategy is not a product or consumer, but a person. Therefore, emotional communication comes to the fore. It allows us to talk to the consumer in one language. Stickers companies help develop a community of brands: those users who use recognizable images in the comments notice each other, begin dialogues, and often organize joint activities in networks. The main thing is that brands are not limited only to social media sticker on the way to h2h. We should not forget that in the end, consumers expect the business to solve their problems. After all, human communication is built on trust.

Social media sticker really increases brand awareness

Sticker advertising is an ideal innovative advertisement for increasing brand awareness. Emoticons can be located in places that your target audience is sure to see. Printed emoticons can be used outdoors, such as on walls, in parks, on windows, on vehicles (bumper emoticons, car doors, and windows), and indoors, frequently visited by your customers. When customers are ready to buy, you will be the first brand they think of.

Sticker advertising is also great for promoting events and special sales. Again, be sure to place your event information or promotional stickers where your target audience can notice them.

Social media sticker helps customers identify your brand

Print special emoticons with specific, unique purposes that help customers identify your brand. For example, a company that services and repairs bikes or motorcycles could print stickers and place them on helmets. Make your emoticons as signs of distinction and attention, and you’ll enjoy influencer marketing wherever they go.

If you sell online or through mail-order catalogs, be sure to put your emoticons in every box to give customers a chance to use them and proudly show their commitment to your brand. Well-known companies such as Apple and GoPro use this method.

Sell social media sticker as a companion product

If customers are loyal to your brand and product, they will gladly buy branded stickers to show everyone their commitment and reverence.

Of course, you can also create emoticons solely for retail sales and not for brand promotion. And here is the perfect field for graphic designers to get creative.

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