Why Ethanol is a Fantastic Fuel and Source of Energy

As the modern world moves towards a renewable energy future, ethanol fuel is becoming more popular. And even though it’s not perfect, it presents a sustainable future that doesn’t cause pollution. So, here is a look at why ethanol fuel is a big focal point all over the world.

Ethanol Fuel Is More Affordable

Given the fact that almost every country is in a position to make its own ethanol fuel, it makes it the most affordable energy source. Basically, if a country can grow sugar cane, corn, or grains, it can start producing ethanol. And when you compare it to conventional fossil fuel, which places huge pressure on developing countries as well as those that produce it, ethanol is the logical next step. In fact, it is a clean energy source that can help to build struggling economies. According to Wall Fireplace Pros, this has led to a significant increase in interest in their ethanol range of fireplaces.

Ethanol molecule model

Ethanol Isn’t Nearly As Damaging As Fossil Fuel

It is interesting to note that ethanol when used as a fuel for cars, does not release half as many pollutants the way fossil fuel does. In fact, the level of toxins that actually get released is incredibly low and cannot possibly do the same damage. In some instances, ethanol is used in combination with fossil fuels, but it is also the dominant element. For example, when they are used together the ratio will most likely be 85:15. This is because the gasoline in the combination only serves ignition purposes, while the ethanol takes care of the rest. Naturally, using this ratio will significantly decrease your car’s carbon footprint.

Reducing The Effects Of Global Warming

The constant release of greenhouse gases at high volumes, adds to the dangers associated with global warming and climate change. This leads to rising sea levels, a dangerous increase in heat, and unpredictable weather patterns. The good news is that when ethanol burns, it only releases water and carbon dioxide, making it the safest and cleanest alternative to fossil fuels without adding to global warming.

Readily Available

Thanks to the nature of ethanol (biofuel), it will be difficult for countries NOT to use it. This is an energy source that comes directly from plants (sugar cane, corn, grains), and if there is a tropical climate to support these plants, ethanol can be harvested and used. As a matter of interest, most countries in Africa regard corn as a staple food, and many of these countries have struggling economies.

Independence From Fossil Fuels

Nobody can deny that the cost of importing barrels upon barrels of fossil fuel is incredibly expensive. But what if countries can reduce how much they import by increasing their ethanol fuel production domestically? Then, this domestically produced ethanol fuel will automatically boost the local economy.

Employment Opportunities

If the demand for ethanol fuel should increase within a country, it means more plantations will be required to meet this demand, which will create more job opportunities for unskilled workers. At the same time, ethanol can be used for alcoholic beverages and create jobs within the hospitality sector.

Expanding Agriculture Possibilities

Apart from just producing ethanol fuel in high quantities, farming by itself will see a massive expansion. And not only will it ensure there will always be enough ethanol fuel, but the production thereof will continue to grow and expand.

Ethanol Serves A Source Of Hydrogen

As you are reading this, scientists are still working on making ethanol the perfect type of renewable fuel. This is because ethanol fuel has a tendency to cause engine burns and corrosion. Instead, researchers want to turn it into hydrogen, which will eliminate the small problems currently facing motorists.

It Can Be Made By A Variety Of Raw Materials

While corn and sugarcane are the primary materials that are used in the production of ethanol fuel, it is not limited to these plants. As long as the plant consists of sugar and starch, it can be utilized for the creation of ethanol fuel.

It’s A Source Of Renewable Energy

Because photosynthesis is the first step towards producing ethanol fuel, there can be no doubt that it is classified as a renewable energy source.

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