Sloth Is the Progress Booster: What Makes the Technological World Move Ahead?

Some people argue that technology advances for purely lazy reasons. For example, remote starting your car, digital entertainment replacing physical activities, and not having to leave your sofa to change the TV channel. People can even limit how much they have to walk thanks to technology. However, can we relegate the technological advancements to laziness? Below are some reasons why the forward-moving in the technological world may be happening due to more reasons than just being lazy!

1. Business Operations

The business world is full of operations like networking, manufacturing, transporting, and much more. Processing all of the information by hand and pen leaves a lot of room for error. However, technology gives the business world something called software. The software offers the convenience of human-free error, automatic programming, and faster operating or completion times. This has led to a revolution for important aspects like:

  • Out-of-office work;
  • Mobile business operations;
  • Digital advertising;
  • Operation management.

Advancements in technology help businesses are effectively run operations, manage, expand global outreach, and much more.

2. Medical Processes

Medical fields are very diverse, but they all thrive on elements like information sharing, equipment, medicine, patient records, etc. From hard copy patient records to equipment used in discovering cures for disease, technology has played a part in making medical processes stronger and more reliable than before. Some roles the technology has had include:

  • Creating mobile and wireless medical devices;
  • Telehealth (digital medical care and education);
  • Remote monitoring tools;
  • Laser technology.

3. Security Improvement

Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world. From a hacker to an armed robber, some protection is important to have. This makes security in both online and real-world essential. Technological advancement in security has helped make the world safer by creating products like:

  • Remote monitoring;
  • Smart door locks;
  • Home sensors;
  • Security software programs;
  • Smart garage systems;
  • Fingerprint scanners.

4. Knowledge Enhancement

From the farthest star to the deepest ocean, humanity is always on the search for discoveries. Ironically, knowledge created technology, and it continues to enhance our knowledge further. Increased knowledge from growing technology has touched every part of the world you can think of. Some examples include:

  • Predicting weather with satellite;
  • Studying ocean movement with sensitive equipment;
  • Agricultural growth through advanced equipment;
  • Discoveries in science with medical and scientific instruments.

5. Increased Communication

The world is figuring out how people can stay connected from one part of the globe to another. Before, snail mail was the best way to communicate. Then, the Morse code helped to share information more quickly. Phones made groundbreaking changes. This was all possible because of growing technology. Even now, technology is making staying communicated easier than ever:

  • FaceTime;
  • Email;
  • Social media;

It’s true; technology is used for convenience. However, technology helps with much more than microwaving some prepackaged food instead of cooking a meal from scratch. Technology is moving the world forward for the better! Thus, when talking about writing services like, we can also affirm that not only laziness makes students turn to such an option, they need a sample paper to guide them through the writing process.

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