Why Choose Mechanical Engineering as a Career?

As a kid, were you interested in opening up your toys to see how they work as much as you were interested in playing with them? Do the intricacies of the little things that work together to make a much bigger thing function arouse your curiosity? If so, you might as well consider mechanical engineering for your future career.

Why Choose Mechanical Engineering as a Career?

Of course, we wouldn’t advise you to jump into something that can be as hard as mechanical engineering just based on what you used to be as a kid. While the road to becoming a mechanical engineer is not paved with rose petals, it can be incredibly rewarding for the right reasons. You will face no difficulty in finding mechanical engineering colleges to study in, however, as this is one of the main branches of engineering that can be found in almost all colleges that offer engineering courses in India.

If this has you intrigued already, read on to find out why you could choose this branch of engineering (among so many others) for your career.

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What Mechanical Engineering Entails

In India, anyone who wishes to study engineering, in general, has to sign up for either a diploma or certificate course in Engineering or go the road more travelled with an undergraduate degree course. Since these courses differ quite a bit in terms of depth, number, type of modules taught, duration of the course, fees, etc, we will only refer to the undergraduate course in mechanical engineering for the rest of the blog.

More than 1.5 million engineering students gain their bachelor’s degrees every year in our country. Mechanical engineering, being one of the most popular branches of engineering, definitely contributes to a substantial chunk of this number. The most popular undergraduate courses for engineering in India that students opt for in college are either BE (Bachelor of Engineering) or Btech (Bachelor of Technology).

Both these courses are more or less the same despite the difference in nomenclature, with a duration of 4 years with 2 semesters per year. Let us now look in more detail at what these courses entail for a student.


The eligibility criteria for admission for a Btech or BE in Mechanical Engineering colleges in India vary from college to college. Generally, a minimum of 50-60% marks are required from the applicant in their 10+2 exams from a recognized board or university, with the PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) subject combination. Some universities go a further step and also require the applicant to sit in entrance examinations, on the basis of which they get admission.

For diploma holders who want to get into these courses, they must have at least 45-50% in their diploma, depending on the college to get lateral entry into the 2nd or 3rd year of a Btech or BE in Mechanical Engineering course.

Entrance Exams

In a country as populous as ours, you can be sure that the demand for resources far exceeds their supply. That is true of engineering courses too, as many colleges need to employ entrance exams to judge who deserves to fill the limited number of seats they can provide. These entrance exams are held at the national, state, and even autonomous levels by some of the best engineering colleges in India for Mechanical Engineering.

Some of the most popular entrance exams in our country are listed below.

  • JEE
  • IEEE
  • GATE
  • RPET

Why Should You Go For It?

There are a number of reasons why studying mechanical engineering can be perfect for your career. We discuss some of the most obvious ones below.

Diverse Career Pathways

One of the main reasons why a career in Mechanical Engineering can be a source of pure joy is the diversity of career pathways it offers. What do we mean by that? Say you complete your Btech in ME from Arya College, then you can choose to work in one of the various industries that require mechanical engineering (most industries need mechanical engineers in some way or another).

Whether it is in automobile engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, maintenance and repair, computers, and electronics, mechanical engineering graduates are hired on a regular basis because they are trained to understand how things work at their most basic level. You could even get a job as a manager in a project, human resource, or other job roles that don’t require your expertise per se, but still benefit from it. And if you don’t like your job, there is always the option to change your career path because of the diverse areas your skills can be applied to.

High Global Demand

Talk to any old person about your career and you’ll know within seconds how much demand for engineering there is in our country. The demand for engineers is so substantial that according to Manpower Group’s report, India currently faces a talent shortage of 63% as of January 2020. So where do the thousands of mechanical engineers that graduate every year from our country go? Probably to work in foreign countries – the global demand is that high too.

High Salaries

It is no surprise that high salaries are one of the perks of pursuing a Btech or BE from mechanical engineering colleges, as engineers and doctors are some of the highest-paid jobs in any country, especially for entry-level roles. The average salary of a mechanical engineer in India ranges from INR 4 – 40 LPA, depending on various factors like industry, experience, skills, roles, etc.


There remains no doubt that a career in Mechanical engineering can be a fulfilling one. And we don’t just mean financially. Engineers are reported to have the highest job satisfaction out of many roles, according to a survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The satisfaction that comes from having a high-paying, high-demand job, with global opportunities and the option to work in the field that interests you personally is something that anyone would kill for. So whether you are thinking of doing a Btech in Mechanical engineering fromArya College Jaipur, or somewhere else, if these reasons make sense to you, then a future as a mechanical engineer is perfect for you.


  1. Is there only one JEE exam?

No. If you are referring to the Joint Entrance Examination that is taken on a national level for admission to some of the best colleges like IITs and NITs, there are two phases. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

  1. Does Arya College Jaipur take entrance exams for admission to their mechanical engineering courses?

No. Arya College Jaipur does not take entrance exams for admission to their mechanical engineering courses. However, if you have already taken one, that will only be beneficial to your admission prospects since the number of seats is limited.

  1. How long does a diploma course in mechanical engineering last?

A diploma course usually focuses on one area of mechanical engineering, hence they usually last for 2 years or less.

  1. Can I get a job in the biomedical field with a degree in Mechanical Engineering?

Yes. The biomedical engineering field also requires mechanical engineering for manufacturing, testing, and various other roles so you should have no problem.

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