Career opportunities after completing BSc in Agriculture

The 2nd most popular undergraduate program in India, 4.68 million students pursued BSc in the year 2022. And agriculture is one of the top employment sectors in India, often attracting 12th pass out to opt for an agriculture course. If you are also interested in making a career in the agriculture field, are you aware of the career opportunities this field has to offer? Well, to help you understand the career opportunities you will get after studying at BSc agriculture college in MP, we have compiled the higher education and job opportunities available in this field.

Career opportunities after completing BSc in Agriculture

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BSc in Agriculture- overview

BSc in agriculture is an undergraduate course in the agriculture field. In this degree course, students learn about modern agricultural techniques and technologies that can be implemented to enhance productivity.

At the best University in MP, you will learn about soil science, animal husbandry management, land surveying, and water resources.

Course Highlights- BSc agriculture

Course LevelUndergraduate
Course Duration4 years
Eligibility CriteriaTo apply for this course, you must have Passed with 50% aggregate marks in class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics, or Agriculture. Reservations will be provided to the reserved category students as per the state Govt. norms.  
Admission ProcessAdmission will be given based on the merit list of the class 12th examination.   Reservation will be offered to the SC/ST/PH/OBC students.
Course Fee35,000 per year

Career opportunities after studying at BSc agriculture college in MP

India is an agrarian country and now the agriculture industry is constantly getting modernized due to which demand for BSc graduates in agriculture has increased. As a BSc graduate will receive enormous job opportunities and higher education career options to choose from.

Let’s have a look at them in detail-

  1. Higher education option-If you are interested in the research field or want to have a deeper understanding of agricultural concepts, you can pursue these courses from the best University in Madhya Pradesh.
    • MSc Agriculture/ Plant Pathology/ Soil Science/ Entomology/ Plant Breeding and Genetics/Agronomy
    • Ph.D. Agriculture/Forestry
  2. Jobs- There are numerous job opportunities available for BSc agriculture graduates in the private and public sectors-

Private sector

In the private sector, you will get the chance to work in chemical firms, research centers, the Pharmaceutical industry, academic institutions, etc.

  • Plant Breeder– In this job role, you will be in charge of investigating the qualities of seeds and working to enhance the qualities of seeds that are best for the plant. Plant breeders earn an average salary of Rs. 7,44,260 per annum.
  • Agriculture Sales Officer- In this job, you will hold the responsibility of looking after agriculture-related sales & marketing activities of a specified territory or region.
  • Agriculture technician– In this job role, you have to conduct research and tests on farms, gather and analyze data, and create reports based on their results to examine how the environment affects crops to assist and enhance productivity.
  • Agriculture officer- One of the best-paid jobs in the agricultural industry, as an agriculture officer you will be responsible to share your knowledge and expertise with farmers so that they can grow the most fruitful crops. You need to ensure that all the federal, state, and local laws are followed in farming operations.
  • Agriculture analyst– As an agriculture analyst, your job will be based on risk assessments, legal requirements, and professional knowledge to offer guidance on sampling and proper analysis that should be performed on livestock feed and fertilizers.
  • Farm Manager– As a farm manager, you’ll be responsible for carrying out the farm activities smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. You will be in charge of fertilizing, planting, watering, cultivating, and harvesting the crops. They earn an average salary of 4,92,254 Rs. per annum.

Public sector

After studying at BSc agriculture college in MP, to get a job in the public sector, you need to give certain competitive exams such as the state forest exam, NABARD Grade A exam, UPSC -IFSC exam, and IBPS- SO exam to get job positions such as-

  • Agricultural officer
  • Probationary officer
  • Assistant officer at NABARD
  • Assistant officer/technical officer at FCI
  • Scientific Assistant/Laboratory assistant through SSC

Recruiters that hire BSc agriculture graduates from the best private university in MP

  • JK Agri Genetics Limited
  • Kaveri Seed Company
  • Big Basket
  • Raghuvansh Agrofarms Limited
  • ABT industries
  • Advanta Limited
  • National Agro Industries

Mansarovar Global University- One of the top Universities in MP

The agriculture department of this university was established in the year 2018, to enhance profitability for farmers by using the latest technology.

  1. You will learn integrated knowledge of agriculture with technical skills such as GIS, programming & data analysis.
  2. Well-designed laboratory with all the modern tools and technologies.
  3. Students’ creativity and critical thinking are fostered at MGU.
  4. Trained and expert faculty members will provide you with theoretical and practical lessons.
  5. Placement drives will be organized by the placement team.


To have a successful career in agriculture, having technical knowledge will prove an added advantage in the coming future. And a BSc degree will equip you with all the required skills and knowledge. So, register yourself at agriculture college in MP, enthralling career opportunities are waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is NEET required for BSc in agriculture?

No, the NEET examination is not required to pursue BSc in agriculture. Students with PCM or PCB can apply for the course.

  • Is BSc agriculture in demand?

India is among the top 15 agricultural product exporters in the world. The Government of India is investing in agricultural infrastructure to enhance the productivity of farms, and due to this BSc graduates have great career potential and demand in the coming future.

  • What is the average salary of a BSc graduate in India?

A BSc graduate earns an average of Rs. 3,50,000 annual salary in India.

  • What are the latest trends in the field of agriculture?

The latest trends in the field of agriculture are-

  • Inclusion of autonomous tractors, robots, and drones to do efficient farming.
  • Urban farming
  • Vertical farming and hydroponics

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