Why Are Fruit Slot and Slot Games So Sought After in Online Casinos?

Slots, whether they are slot machines or online games, are among the most popular ways of betting worldwide. In addition to the sports bookmakers, most people have fun betting that the winning combination of fruits will match, that is, the winning combination of symbols.


Although there are really many symbols in modern games that can match, the name fruits have remained a synonym for all symbols from the moment first slot machines came into the casino world and are still present in most casinos.

Slot games have two main advantages. Firstly, the stakes are not particularly large, and they fall into a comfort zone that suits most people. These games also have a good mix of ability and luck, so everyone has a real chance to win.

How Do Fruit Slots Work?

When they were invented more than 100 years ago, slot machines worked on gear and card systems that rotated semi-randomly. Later, magnets were included that further involved luck in the equation.

Today, fruit slots and slots, in general, operate based on a logarithm system for each field that tracks all games at the same time. Although the system knows exactly how many winners there will be and what kind of winners will be there, what is not known is who those winners are.

With thousands of people playing simultaneously, it is quite possible that someone has a streak, while the situation when every line escapes you is an unfortunate day that can happen to everyone. This system setting allows online slot games to give a variety of no deposit bonuses – some of which are highlighted here – and benefits to improve your chances or take advantage of the very day when all the stars are aligning in your favor. Mathematically speaking, you only need to be marginally luckier than usual to leave the game with more money than you brought to play fruit slots.

A Bunch of Different Games

The number of slot games that have been made in the last couple of years is really fascinating, from simple drums that look like old mechanical games to some video games that are a world unto themselves. Although aesthetics play no role whatsoever, it is nice to see something colorful while playing as far as chances are concerned.

Today, games that use motifs from popular series or movies are quite popular. For some, such as Narcos Slot, there is even a version in the country’s language in which it reached the slot machine, and is created in the style of comics and provides various benefits. For those who like classics, there are also classic fruit slots or card slots that do not offer as many bonuses but, on the other hand, are easier to play.

Simple Spinners

Although more and more players get acquainted with modern spinners, these games are outmoded. However, that does not mean that they are not still fun to play. Furthermore, these slot machines have significantly higher payouts, which is tempting for those who have a slightly deeper pocket for gambling.

These games usually have only one winning line or have diagonals included. If you stop one row at a time, it is quite possible to give yourself a better chance because the system spins each drum’s probabilities separately. If you are lucky with one, it takes less luck to get something big in the end.

Multiline Games

These games are not that easy to explain. In some games, they can have up to eight drums and as many rows. What wins is also different, so it is quite possible to get a bonus spin based on one card or straight that is not in line.

There are often cards where you have a certain amount of time to click or tap (this if you are playing on a mobile phone or tablet). When you become skillful in using such bonuses, your playing can be significantly longer, increasing your chances to win.

The good thing is that most online casinos allow demo games where you can try yourself before betting any money, so if you get to like the game, you can switch to playing it ‘for real.’

Best Payout Percentage

Online slots have the best payout ratios. Classic fruit slots are mostly at some 95 %, while modern spinners go up to 98 %. That means you only need to be 3 % luckier than the average player to end up with more money than you started with.

Also, unlike games with a similar payout ratio, such as classic European roulette, the stakes in the slots, either fruit slots or other, are much smaller, so it is possible to get out victoriously even if you had no luck at the beginning. Most games allow stakes of only a few euros, while this is rarely the case in live games.

In the end, whoever uses the sign-up bonus can compensate for a few unlucky days with someone else’s money until they finally get a streak.

Fun Math

The systems used in slot machines are much easier to write than to predict which several doctorates in mathematics are needed, and rarely any slot player has them. However, there is something you can easily learn from practice.

The payout percentage that is calculated is according to the average stakes, so those who play more games with smaller amounts have better chances. But they will also gain less when they win. The system will payout 9.80 for every 10 euros invested, but in that division, it is quite probable that someone will get a jackpot and thousands of euros, while a large number of other people will have to wait for a luckier day.

Many players forget that the average is never 50 %, but closer to 80 %, so it is important to use bonus spins to determine if today is your day or it is better to wait until tomorrow to increase your bets.

Strategy Depends on the Comfort Zone

‘Stealing’ knowledge is always a good idea, and it is not bad to look on the Internet at how someone else plays and what they use. However, what you need to do will always depend on your comfort zone, i.e., how much money are you willing to bet with.

If you are comfortable, you will not be so stressed, and there is a higher chance that you will notice the bonuses and options in the game, which increases your chances. Someone wants to play a couple of spins a day and does not have a problem inserting lots of coins at once. Those who want to play longer and rely on bonus spins will have to do so with smaller stakes. Always keep in mind – the goal of gambling is fun, and the money we invest is money intended for entertainment and recreation, not for living expenses.

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