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Which Operating System (OS) For Online Casinos Is The Best For You?

Gambling has been around for thousands of years, and people used to visit physical casinos to place their bets on their preferred games. Casinos offer people with a place to encourage where they can bet on various games against the house.

With the beginning of the internet, online casinos were on track thus changing things entirely. Hence, rather than having people drop by a local casino, they now have the opportunity to play their favorite games within the comforts of their house or office in an online environment. While online gambling doesn’t have the social features that a physical casino offers, it does provide you the advantage of convenience, regardless if you play casino games for fun or with the use of real money.

Once you have determined to play at an online casino, mainly if you bet for real cash, you need to ensure you have the most fun experience possible. After all, you will play using your hard earned money; therefore you require enthusiasm, customer support, and assurance from the real money online casino of your selection.

One of the many things that could change your overall online casino gaming experience is the platform or the operating system of online casinos that you’re playing from.

Casino operating system options have come a long way from what they were several years ago. Earlier, it was only possible to play online casino games from your Windows PC or laptop, and later on, Mac and a range of mobile devices became established by most online casinos, though you were only capable of playing from your mobile internet browser. Now, online casinos are accessible on a broad assortment of platforms such as Windows and Mac for desktop, iOS, Blackberry, and Android for mobile and tablet devices. With the foundation of mobile gaming, you can now install casino apps on your smartphones and play on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Each operating system has its benefits depending on your individual choices. In this article, we are going to discuss each operating system, their benefits, and which operating system would fill your needs the best.

Why Does Your Operating System Matter for Online Casinos?

A computer is an assortment of different devices that each has their particular command sets or languages. These devices can be used separately from one another, but we have no simple way of commanding them. The operating system of the computer is super command language that controls all the devices and particular jobs of the computer. Each operating system has its individual set of unique commands in addition to the powers that manage the devices like video displays, hard drives, mouse, keyboards, USB ports, etc.

There are two basic kinds of operating systems in use today: PC operating systems and minicomputer operating systems. AT&T Bell Labs developed UNIX in the late 1960s for minicomputers. It was shifted to the IBM PC platform, but by that time Microsoft had established the standard for Personal Computers (PCs) with DOS, upon which they created their first Windows platform.

To operate a computer, an application program like a casino game must use the operating system’s command language to demand the use of devices, memory, and individual operating system commands. Developers had to write different versions of their applications for each operating system they wanted to support. Not many apps have variants for both Windows and Linux, but Web browsers all comply with a core set of standards.

Hence, it is more efficient for game developers to address software that runs in any Web browser than to design two or more versions of the software for different operating systems. But due to some constraints even in the HTML5 coding standards, it is still acceptable for developers to write downloadable Windows applications for gaming. They prefer the Windows marketplace because it is several times larger than the Linux marketplace.

Accessing Online Casinos

When online casinos were first introduced, players had to download specific software to enable them to start playing online casino games. The software should be coded for an appropriate operating system since software made for one OS won’t be supportive with another. As there were several desktop computers ran on Windows, the software designed was explicitly created for that platform. Mac users were usually shut out of software programs since developers at that time prioritize their Windows supportive software. Later on, a few casinos started to offer programs compatible for the Mac OS, and then even began developing applications for other platforms such as Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and more.

Online Casino Operating Systems for Desktop and Laptop Computers

In preferring an online casino, one of the most significant factors to consider is compatibility. Some casinos are only intended to work on specific operating systems such as Windows or Mac, while some offer cross-platform adaptability through their no download software. Regardless, each desktop operating system has its benefits to give:

  1. Windows

The main benefit of the Windows platform is that it is fit with almost all casinos online. Despite the model of your computer and the version of Windows, you’re working, as long as you have an internet connection and Flash ability you can assume that 99% of all online casinos can be played on your computer system. This also implies that any usual games available in an online casino can be downloaded and installed on your system in moments with just a few clicks. The very first online casino performed when Windows 95 was still the powerful operating system in the market, after which it displayed the standard OS for all online casinos that support. This explains why almost all online casinos you can find are compatible with Windows.

Casinos that work on a Windows operating system often prefer the PlayTech software. Because of this, you can expect an extensive variety of games, not to mention cutting-edge elements like graphics, game-play, and audio. Aside from a wide variety of games, you can also expect complete security for your online transactions and personal profile when you play your favorite casino games from your Windows computer.

  1. Mac

The Mac operating system is one of the most significant operating systems available for both desktop and laptop. Mac quickly rivals Windows for the place of the best OS; with a growing number of computer users favoring Mac devices like the Apple Company grows and increasingly controls the market. The discussion on whether Windows or Mac is the real choice is always up for debate in online forums. Finally, it all comes down to the users’ preferences.

Mac devices, though, exceed Windows in several features such as being more safe and preserved against viruses and cyber attacks, a smooth and overall pleasant user experience and optimal performance even while using its energy-saving features.

  1. Linux, Ubuntu and other Open Source operating systems

In the 1990s Linus Torvalds wrote the kernel for a new operating system, Linux that was based on UNIX but more accessible to modernize and execute on PC architecture. Therefore, Linux even ultimately replaced Apple’s exclusive operating system as what we now call Mac OS.

Linux takes benefit of the multiuser feature of UNIX to handle devices more productively than the old DOS operating system did. Windows has acquired some concepts from Linux and UNIX as it has evolved, but Windows still applies several old DOS style commands.

Linux is not generally easy to get, specific initiatives were taken to support players who want to play their favorite games on their Linux computer. One main benefit of using Linux for online casino operating systems is the fact that the software is more user-friendly even when compared to Windows! Furthermore, Linux is also a lot more secure, but as user-friendly as Mac or Windows.

Ubuntu is similarly an open source and available for free. Moreover, the Ubuntu operating system is more secure compared to almost any popular operating systems out there. And since its users have Ubuntu, you can expect a much more user-friendly service than Linux, which is necessary when you play your favorite casino games.

Casino Operating Systems for Mobile Devices

Just like the Mac vs. Windows debate, there’s also an open-ended discussion regarding which is the better mobile platform: Android or iOS? Of course, an Android owner will support his Android device, and the same goes for the iPhone owner.

  1. Android

The Android platform holds the most significant share of mobile users around the world, mostly dominating the entire smartphone market. Since Android has the most considerable part, you can expect to find nearly all mobile casinos to be cooperative with your Android phone or tablet. With Android’s open source feature, it allows enough room for variation for online casino operators. Mobile casino games executed on the Android OS are commonly smooth and immersive allowing players to have an excellent gaming experience on the go.

  1. iOS

The introduction of the iPhone and other iOS devices into the world of online gambling has revolutionized mobile gaming. The iPhone is a device for playing mobile casino games while on the go. Due to its excellent performance and quality graphics, you can expect to play games smoothly with almost no interruptions. Mobile devices run by iOS such as the iPhone and iPad are compatible with all the mobile casinos; hence you should find dedicated iOS software for the online casino you want to play at.

  1. Blackberry

The Blackberry was amongst the very first smartphones that joined the mobile phone business. Even though they’re not as successful as the other two programs, there are still a large number of players who use them for playing online casino games. The Blackberry stands as the fifth most popular mobile device, so it’s not unusual that many casino players still use it to play their favorite games from their mobile. You can demand smooth game-play, mainly if your preferred casino offers customized software for Blackberry. But because of Blackberry’s waning popularity, such casinos are more challenging to find.

Which Online Casino Operating System to Choose?

Every online casino gamer has his/her choices when it comes to the OS or platform he/she desires to play from. Some choose to play on their desktop computer work on Windows due to the broad variety of games available to pick from and the ability to engage themselves entirely with a full-size screen and surround speaker audio. Others prefer using a Mac device due to the high quality, even though the game options are more restricted than you’d get from a Windows PC.

Some payers choose to play from their smartphones because of the comfort and portability that enables them to perform from anyplace, even while waiting for an interview or on the metro. Regardless of which OS you choose to play your casino games, it eventually comes down to individual choice and what suits your lifestyle best.

That being said, there is no reason why you can’t try out your choices: once you have a casino account, you can open and play Flash casino games from any device.

In any case, it is obvious that the world of online casinos has shifted quite a lot and, as such, it has managed to deliver a great amount of different and exciting opportunities. While not so long ago you were bound by the single brick and mortar location, you can now spend some time gaming throughout the entire world as you go. All you need is an internet connection. This is significant when it comes to it.

With this in mind, it is a matter of personal preference for you to choose an operating system. The truth is that you shouldn’t base your OS choice on the casino industry as the majority of online venues already support the two most popular options – iOS and Android. This is why you shouldn’t be too concerned. Cross-platform accessibility is no longer a new and pioneering thing – it has quickly become an established practice so that you should easily consider whatever you feel like. Just make sure that your mobile device is powerful enough to maintain the necessary charge.

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