Which Laptop Brand is Most Reliable? HP or Dell

When you’re out in the market to choose a laptop for yourself, it is usually just the competition between Dell or HP laptops. And in 2021, they remain still the top sellers.

HP or Dell laptop

No, this is not the case with Apple and Lenovo, or other emerging brands. They are, too, amazing brands to consider while purchasing yourself a laptop. 

However, they are no match to a Dell laptop or an HP one regarding reliability. We aren’t just shooting in the dark. Our research is thorough and upon facts. Besides, these brands have been around before most of us, and they are in use for so long. 

People have become attached to their customer service and all that the brand entails and cannot begin to be disloyal. 

But when choosing between laptops of Dell or HP, people are left mixed up. 

Who to Choose – Dell or HP?

Since most people can’t decide which brand they should opt for, we come with facts and opinions to usher through the uncertainties. 

Both companies are American, where Dell was found in the 80s, HP was found around the second world war times. Yet, the youngling in our opinion is the better option to choose, and we will tell you exactly why. 

Let’s take examples: Dell’s XPS range vs. HP Spectre series. Comparing the best laptops of the best brands upon all vital aspects. You’ll come up with the decision Dell’s XPS range offers supreme quality.

Design – Dell or HP Laptops

Dell laptops are simple and unique, and that’s what its patrons love most about them. It carries grace, and the XPS series doesn’t fail to have the same sturdy and easy-to-use design, much like the Lenovo ThinkPad that people are recently digging. Dell’s other models, such as the Inspiron range, are good-looking and edgy too.

On the other hand, HP laptops are quite average and ordinary. However, they offer striking models with large designs which are simple to operate. Professionally speaking, their chrome or plain black shines elegance. With HP, you have an extensive choice of designs, including even a 2-in-1 laptop. 

Hardware and Build Quality – Dell or HP Laptops

Novice Dell laptops bring a minimum of 8GB of RAM alongside a quadcore processor. The newest Dell models contain Intel Core i7 processors, while the base level laptops have Intel Core i5 processors. 

So Dell’s performance crosses most hallmarks, and they stand on a pedestal of high-quality processor creators. With your Dell laptop, you are most likely to find a dual-core processor.

HP laptops are pretty behind Dell laptops in build quality, and Dell remains up in that department. However, in its top-end laptop, HP also uses the Nvidia Geforce graphics card like Dell, mostly in their gaming line. Its HP Omen line is worth considering, though, because they offer the best gaming laptops with the lowest prices.

Display – Dell or HP Laptops

Dell and Apple are the top competitors that offer the best display in laptops. Dell’s new XPS series gives a supreme quality retina display that gives the Macbook a run for its money. 

You can combine the integrated graphics card for a boost in visual quality. Moreover, you can even upgrade to a 4K display in the XPS or Inspiron series. However, this might be a little too much for some. 

In contrast, HP has an average display.

Performance – Dell or HP Laptop

Dell has the best reputation for being excellent in its laptop performance. Due to top-quality, fast processors, Dell’s performance has always been up to par. It also has a much larger RAM than others. Just a letdown here is that they come at premium prices. So to get some, you have got to lose some, in a handsome amount, that is.

Suppose we go for a low-cost laptop; an HP laptop would break easily as they have some of the worst laptops ever. Only the expensive laptops from the Envy line and Spectre line have good performance, but they are costly. 

Durability- Dell or HP Laptop

Dell makes laptops durable that stays with you for many years to come with good warranties and outstanding services. For durability, go for Dell. 

HP has a terrible reputation in terms of durability, and the word is they break or die well before a year or two. So warranties are essential here.

And so, Dell would be a better choice if your main desire for buying a laptop is durability. 

Final Thoughts 

Along with better battery life, warranties, and customer service Dell stays above HP. And while the prices are a bit much for both brands, HP remains more ‘overpriced” as per its features. 

If you want reliability paying extra would not be asking for too much upon opting for Dell. So if you ask us, we would advise Dell.

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