Where Could the Next Big Change in Mobile Come?

Our mobile devices have quickly become our most important piece of tech – they go with us everywhere. They’re used for a huge number of different utility purposes, from internet banking to pay the bills, and for some, even as a car key. They provide endless entertainment with live music streaming and podcasting, video-on-demand services that are moving to cover the box office, and gaming in all shapes and sizes as even traditional land-based games like bingo are being offered online with bonus offers like this Heart bingo code – and of course for their original purpose of being a communications device as social media replaces other forms, and independent messaging platforms lead the way. But where could the next big change come for mobile?

(Image from netstar.co.uk)

Cameras will continue to lead the way

The development of the camera for mobile devices was a breakthrough – it helped launch social media to new heights, and putting a camera in the hand of every individual has changed the way news is reported. Given it’s such an important feature, there’s no surprise that it will continue to be one of the flagship features on all modern devices, and big changes will continue to be made – and will be a huge focus for the big brands moving forward.

Battery tech needs to change too

As hardware within mobile devices has changed extremely quickly, one feature that has largely remained within battery tech. The power draw coming from the big-ticket items like displays, cameras, and other internal hardware means that the batteries being used now are becoming less than ideal, and although technology has changed to allow for rapid charging when a device only lasts a few hours before needing to be charged it has become an issue for some. Big changes in things like electric car technology see battery tech evolve, so the next logical step for some is to transition to mobile.

External hardware is important too

Internal changes have seen the removal of key features like the headphone jack and the rise of external options like wireless earbuds connected through Bluetooth, and these sorts of external hardware will continue to grow – the introduction of new features like virtual and augmented reality will have their own requirements too, for example, and will become a huge part of the future for these devices, alongside another tech that may not be readily available, or widely known about yet.

The good news is that change is happening very quickly; each year that passes, our devices go through a big change to at least one of these areas and perhaps even more, and as time passes, these big changes will only become more exciting and more useable to the consumer market rather than just the enthusiast market.

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