What You Should Know About a Digital Piano?

Digital pianos are modern acoustic pianos and are available in three categories – portable, upright, and grand. Like the acoustic piano, there are 88 keys in a digital piano. When a key is pressed, the piano’s electronic speaker plays high-quality recordings that were earlier recorded in acoustic pianos. 

Playing digital piano

The Portable piano is the lightest of the three. Excellent sound system and smooth key movements are present in the grand digital piano, and it is also expensive. There are specific reasons why you must consider getting a digital piano

  1. Less weight – Pianos add a flavor of authenticity and artistry to your house. Therefore, you might want to move it around a little to experiment with the look. Digital pianos are perfect for that. Even the grand digital piano weighs much less compared to its acoustic version. It also comes in a preferable size that easily gets fit inside a car for performances.
  1. Expenditure – Any category of the digital piano will not burn a hole in your pocket. Besides, the digital pianos do not require tuning at intervals which is also a costly affair. 
  1. Recording – One of the most outstanding features of digital pianos is recording. It can prove to be extremely helpful when one is trying to track their progress or create unique music of their own.
  1. Teaching aid – Digital pianos are often used in music lessons in schools. It is used to make students understand metronomes, chords or notes, etc easily. Furthermore, online lessons are also widely available for digital pianos. 

Few digital pianos also have double headphone jacks for teachers and students to work together and create perfect tunes. Even for solo lessons, students can plug into the earphones, connect them to the piano and practice anywhere without having or causing a disturbance.

  1. Connectivity – Digital pianos often have MIDI connectivity available, thereby allowing users to connect them to computers. Few have features where you can insert the memory card and transfer your music to another device. You can even connect other audio equipment for experiments and recording. 
  1. Selection – If you are a beginner and want to try a new musical instrument, this can be perfect with lesser expense and an almost identical version of the acoustic piano. For an expert, the grand digital piano can offer a more fulfilling experience. Portable pianos come with a stand that can be handy. 
  1. Offers and discounts – Digital pianos cost less compared to acoustic versions. However, beware of fraudulent websites that offer unimaginable prices. After all, it is still a musical instrument. Moreover, be sure to compare prices with other websites or offline stores before buying a new one. 
  1. Indifferent to weather – Weather conditions affect the tuning of the acoustic pianos. With digital versions, get rid of ever having to worry about having humidity or temperatures.

Digital pianos have a long list of advantages over traditional pianos and, therefore, must be given a fair chance to compete. Start your shift to digital music today. 

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