The science behind maximizing your vaping experience

Consuming marijuana with a vaporizer is a much more excellent alternative to traditional smoking. Many people refrain from smoking because of the health risks and the lingering slight left on their clothes and hair once they’re done. On the other hand, Vaporizers do not produce any smoke, which allows you to consume anywhere without the worry of having harmful secondhand smoke. Vaporizers also give you more out of your experience because it contains a greater surface area. There are some very high-quality vaporizers available online for purchase from brands known for producing powerful, long-lasting vaping devices. Keep reading to learn how to maximize your vaping experience with marijuana.

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Make sure you have the right device

The first step and probably the one that has the most significant influence on your vaping experience is the type of device you consume. There is more than one type of vaporizer available, and many can be found at online stores like Daily High Club, and each device has different functions. The most common vaporizers include:

  • In-session vaporizer: This vaporizer is designed for single-session use. You load the chamber, turn it on, inhale, exhale and repeat until the chamber is empty. You cannot decide to switch off the vaporizer and continue your session another time. Everything has to be finished in one session.
  • Portable vaporizer: This is the direct opposite of a session vaporizer because, with a portable vaporizer, you can conveniently smoke anywhere and anytime. You can decide to end your session after a few pulls and switch off your device and continue at a later stage.
  • Vape pen: This is a handheld vaporizer that uses concentrates instead of dry herbs.
  • Desktop vaporizer: This is a large vaporizer that is not powered by a battery like the rest of them, instead desktop vaporizers need to be plugged into an electric socket to work which gives it an endless supply of power that results in more potent effects.

You need to assess your personal needs and purchase a device that is compatible with those specific needs.

Select the proper temperature

An essential factor that determines the quality of your vaping experience is the temperature. Most vaporizers allow you to determine your temperature, and the temperature you choose will influence the effects you experience. You want to avoid starting with a very high temperature. It is recommended that you begin at a low temperature and then gradually increase with time. Low temperatures result in an experience with more flavor, medium temperatures will result in more noticeable bodily effects, and high temperatures produce cumbersome physical effects. A good rule of thumb is to reserve high temperatures when you know you have nothing planned on that particular day. Vaping makes more potency than smoking.

Know the heating method

You also need to know the different heating methods of different vaporizers. The two most popular heating methods are conduction and convection. With conduction, heating is done through direct contact with the heating source, and with convection, heating is done when a material is heated and hot air is blown through the heating element. Vapes that use conduction methods are the best because they are typically easier to use, heat up faster, and are cheaper.

Grind the marijuana

A very vital step is to grind your marijuana using a grinder properly. There are plastic, acrylic, wooden, and metal grinders. You should invest in one because it grinds your bud much more acceptable than any other method of crushing—finely crushed dry herb results in a smoother session and an easier burn which is the goal.

Clean the vape

Owning a vaporizer requires regular maintenance. It would help if you always cleaned your vape to last longer and continue to work properly. Dirty and clogged vapes result in your device having to work twice as hard, which will result in it not lasting as long. To properly clean your vape, you want to disassemble it and soak the individual parts in water containing a bit of dish soap or rubbing alcohol. It would be best if you then cleaned any grime with a cotton swab.

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