What to Know About Mechanical Keyboards

The best keyboards you can buy today are mechanical keyboards. Once exclusively considered gaming gear, enthusiasts and even those working are moving over from membrane to mechanical.


Though it may sound complicated, there isn’t really too much about these keyboards. First off, membrane keyboards were the first recognizable keyboards that everyone who has owned a computer has had. Membrane keyboards are keyboards that have a soft plastic underneath their keys.

Using these keyboards in the past was the norm and barely provided tactile feedback to the user. Through advances in technology, the mechanical keyboard made its way back to the computing world and gave everyone the best feeling and sound while typing. Considering getting a mechanical keyboard? Here are some more things you should know about when getting one:

Mechanical Keyboards Are Highly Customizable

Just about anything can be customized when it comes to mechanical keyboards. From the color, and sound, to adding customized wires, the sky is practically the limit when customizing your mechanical keyboard.

Customization is one of the reasons why mechanical keyboards are so popular today. If you already have a mechanical keyboard, it’s probably still with its stock keys. Due to its popularity, many enthusiasts are opening shops exclusively dedicated to creating custom keyboards.

RGB keyboard

Antidote Studio, for example, provides some of the most awesome-looking keyboards. Are you a fan of the famous Kpop girl group Twice? They have a keyboard that goes with Twice’s theme. How about Genshin Impact? With a keyboard that has the game’s theme, you’ll happily play with your keyboard all day long. With so many choices, a visit to Antidote Studio mechanical keyboard one-stop destination is a must.


Mechanical keyboards often come in TKL or Full-size. TKL or Tenkeyless mechanical keyboards don’t have the number keypads to the far right, which you usually find in full-sized keyboards. Depending on usage, a TKL keyboard can be very comfy to use. Gamers, for example, are fond of using TKL. Aside from comfort, TKLs are considerably smaller. With a smaller size, bringing your TKL keyboard everywhere won’t be a hassle.


Speaking of size, you can also change the layout of your mechanical keyboard. There are three layouts that most people use. For those in the Americas, the ANSI layout is used. ISO is used in Europe. In Japan, people use JIS. The difference between these layouts is how some keys are placed. Depending on your preference, you can easily swap out keys and arrange them to your liking.

The Switches

Due to every single key having individual switches underneath mechanical keyboards, you can quickly repair them when something goes wrong. With that said, you can change the switches on your keyboard to your liking. There are three switches to choose from, all with their own unique features:

Linear – These switches feel smooth when pressed down. There’s no resistance, and the switch simply comes back up after pressing on it.

Tactile – With tactile switches, you’ll feel a slight bump as you press on the key. Many people prefer this as it feels that they’ve pressed or activated the correct keys.

Clicky – Click switches also have the bump that tactile switches have. The difference is that these switches produce an audible “clicking” sound that many people who type like to hear when typing. As they produce sound, mechanical keyboards with clicky switches can be too noisy for an office environment.


There’s a community in the PC world that solely focuses on custom mechanical keyboards. These enthusiasts often have keyboards that look incredible and have serious value. Due to the number of customizations done on mechanical keyboards, some can even match the value of more expensive PC parts such as a video card or a fast SSD.


Whether you’re gaming, using it for work, or just using it casually, mechanical keyboards are best. If you’re planning to get one, the tips mentioned above will surely help you out. If you do get one, welcome to the world of customizing mechanical keyboards! You’ll surely have a lot of fun making your keyboard one of a kind.

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