What to Consider When Buying CBD Hemp Flower Sour Space Candy

If you are a regular CBD user then you probably already know that there are certain factors that you need to be on the lookout for when purchasing.


Otherwise, you might end up buying products that are not worth the price being charged and can also be harmful to your health. Being a hybrid strain, Sour Space Candy possesses unique qualities that make it easy to identify. To Shop CBD products, visit here.

It is a cross between Early Resin and Sour Tsunami in a ratio that makes it a Sativa-dominant strain. Here are some of the things that you ought to consider to ensure you buy the right item. You can also find more insights here at Cheefbotanicals.

Certificate of Analysis

This is a document containing the report of a lab test done on the product. As such, it contains vital information such as the ingredients and their proportion. Knowing such kind of information enables you to make a well-informed choice when buying.

For example, if you are allergic to certain substances then you will know which goods to stay away from. One substance that you should always know its proportion before using any cannabis product is THC.

It is a psychoactive compound responsible for the characteristic euphoric feeling. Consuming too much of it can result in paranoia among other conditions.

Sour Space Candy goods should contain a maximum of 0.1% of THC. The lab test should be done by an independent third party to avoid any biases.

Organic vs Artificial

As mentioned earlier, this is a hybrid strain and so it is easy to engineer it artificially. As a result, there is a lot of engineered merchandise available in the market.

The vendors make much profit from such since they can produce large amounts within a short time instead of waiting for the plant to grow and mature. The artificial ones can also be tweaked to induce other enhanced properties.

The downside is that such goods can be harmful to your health with most modified products. They tend to alter the normal functioning of body systems and can cause cancer. Thus, it would be best if you opted for the organic ones that are naturally grown.

Full spectrum vs Isolate

CBD products can be divided into two categories, namely, full-spectrum and isolates. The former contains a wide range of cannabinoids, while the latter only contains specific ones that have been isolated from the rest.

It is recommended that you go for the full spectrum as it has a lot of benefits. You can use it for recreational and medicinal purposes. See the benefits here: Mello Drop CBD.

The cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system within the body hence regulating various processes that affect sleep, appetite, mood, and pain, to mention but a few. Thus, the more cannabinoids there are, the better.

On the other hand, if you intend to use it for a specific purpose, you can opt for an isolate. The high concentration of cannabinoids will suit your intended purpose well.


Cannabis goods are highly regulated worldwide. Perhaps this can be attributed to the effects of THC that are negative when consumed in large amounts.

Some states have banned using such merchandise except those that contain a maximum of 0.03% of THC. Others have selectively allowed the use of certain strains. In the recent past, some states have legalized the use of marijuana hence making all CBD products legal.

Therefore, you need to check the rules of the state you are in before buying and using cannabis. Otherwise, it might land you in trouble with the authorities. For medicinal purposes, you can get a doctor’s authorization to do so.

This is usually the case with patients suffering from mental illnesses and other conditions that can be managed using CBD. Sour Space Candy is particularly high in CBD, and so is a suitable substance for that. See this link to read about real and fake CBD https://cbdhealthandwellness.net/2020/08/12/how-to-spot-fake-cbd-brands/

quality cbd flower

Vendor’s reputation

You should always buy such items from trustworthy vendors. Goods that are in high demand are susceptible to fraud. Counterfeit merchandise has infiltrated the market, and at times it can be difficult to tell them apart from the original ones.

Thus, you need to purchase from a reliable seller to ensure that you get the right goods. A vendor should be registered and authorized by the government to sell CBD. Ask to see the relevant legal documents to ascertain this.

Make sure that they are valid and not forged. Dealing with a legitimate seller also allows accountability in case something goes wrong. For example, if they sell to you harmful merchandise then they can be held accountable.


The prices can vary from one shop to another. You should determine the standard market value before purchasing to avoid getting overcharged.

Also, watch out for those that are too cheap. This is an indication of inferior quality. Take your time to compare the prices being charged by different vendors. Click here to find out how you can find a quality product and get good value for your money.


Sour Space Candy is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is very effective. With the low THC and high CBD content, it makes for a good stress reliever and can also be used for depression and anxiety. Take care to avoid being conned into buying counterfeit products. There are lots of them available in the market, and sometimes it can be hard to figure it out. Use the information above to help you make a well-informed choice. You can also consult your friends and other experienced users.

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