What is Geofencing and Purpose of Geofencing?

Geo-fencing is commonly known as a location-based service. Within this type of geo-fencing, an app or other software uses WIFI, RFID, and GPS data to trigger a pre-programmed operation. When a mobile device enters or exits the virtual boundaries established by a geographic circle, is called a geofence. How a geofence is formed depends on many factors. Below are some of the factors that can be implemented by creating a geofence.

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Factors that Based on Geofencing:

  • Various types of mobile phone notifications etc. can be viewed through Geofence.
  • The Geofence method is used to trigger trust text messages or alerts.
  • When it comes to what is geofencing so it used to send targeted ads on social media.
  • The Geofence method is also used to monitor the fleet of additional vehicles.
  • This method is also used to disable certain technologies.
  • Finally, geofencing is also an excellent way to provide location-based marketing statistics.

Technologies That Work with Geofencing

As a location-based service, there are four common types of technologies that work with geofencing. These four technologies are described below and are also explained in detail.

  • WIFI
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth beacons
  • RFID Technology

Geofencing with WIFI Technology

Geofencing can act as a zone within which information of any device is accessed within the confines of a fence. Whenever it comes to geo-fencing within a Wi-Fi, a popular app is in shopping malls where the buyer has access to Wi-Fi. It also receives marketing offers for stores and accesses their information.

Geofencing with GPS Technology

Whenever a target enters someone’s customer base, the location-based marketing geo-fencing strategy detects it via GPS. These targets want to goal consumers near physical locations while setting boundaries around customers and business locations. they can be set up virtually anywhere and are detected by the geofencing GPS technique.

Geofencing with Bluetooth Beacons Technology

Geo-fencing techniques are also commonly used to identify the Bluetooth Beacons network used during any business location or any camera.

Geofencing with RFID Technology

The RFID technique is also commonly known as radio frequency. This is a method or technique that helps to track the movement and inventory of store products. Within this technology, these RFID tags are also used as barcode systems and are applied to the product as chips. That is why it is important to track the transportation and inventory of different products through geofencing.

6 Benefits of Geofencing in Business:

  1. If you are running a physical store and want to increase your pedestrian traffic, geofencing techniques may be best for you. Using this technique, you can attract more customers within your store.
  2. If you are doing this online business or physical business is its online website then geofencing technique will also prove to be the best for getting more visitors inside it.
  3. The technique of geofencing can also be seen as the best customer service.
  4. Geofencing also works best for you as a welcome and enhanced reference
  5. If you have a brand within which you provide a variety of services, then geofencing techniques are best for social sharing. Show your brand awareness on social media with geofencing technical support.
  6. This technique helps you grow from a variety of businesses that are competing with you.

Pros and Cons of Geofencing:


  • According to a survey, 50% of employees say that using geofencing increases their performance on the job. Geofencing within any business makes it easy to manage remote manpower, increase team collaboration, and more.
  • According to the Geofencing Survey 2018, it has been proven that employees do not mind using geofencing technology in the workplace. This technique can increase the safety and accountability of their work.
  • Geofencing in any work is measured by keeping track of time. Using geo-fencing makes living there easier and more accurate and powerful.


  • While there are some advantages to the geofencing technique, people have also found it difficult to use it.
  • Many consumers suffer from a variety of privacy concerns when using geofencing. Sensing their privacy concerns, they have demonstrated offensive and various warnings. Consumers also agree with geofencing technology and employees because of the key effects of trust.
  • It is important to know that what is the geofencing effect. Geo-fencing affects a variety of mobile devices and is, therefore a concern for your mobile device and your life and privacy.

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