What Do You Need in the Top-Quality Digital Calipers

A quality caliper is an indispensable device in many work lines, including machining, engineering, carpentry, metalworking, and more. Out of the many different calipers, a Digital Caliper is handy for measuring diameter and thickness. The best digital caliper will give you precise measurements at a glance.

Digital Caliper

It has different components that work together to give you precise measurements. When you are looking for top-quality digital calipers, consider the factors explained below.

Check the Accuracy

Measuring diameter and thickness can be quite tricky with a simple ruler. A quality digital caliper should give the best measurements possible. The caliper operates using digital technology and can measure in increments as small as 0.01 inches.

Digital calipers are known for their accuracy levels, and they eliminate human errors while giving the perfect measurements. Apart from the individual components of the caliper, the user’s skill will also affect overall accuracy.

Check the Construction

The best digital caliper allows you to take measurements smoothly and without any hindrance. Digital calipers are typically made of stainless steel, carbon fiber, or plastic. A hardened stainless-steel body is considered a durable option, offering smooth and precise movements needed for accurate measuring. Carbon fiber calipers are lightweight devices offering a moderate durability level and are cheaper than stainless steel calipers. Plastic calipers are the least durable and not suitable for professional use.

Look at the Size

When buying a digital caliper, it is essential to choose the correct size as a caliper’s size influences its measuring range. The commonly available sizes of digital calipers are 6, 12, and 24 inches. If you need to measure larger parts, a larger size will be the right choice and vice versa for the smaller components.


The measurement readings are displayed on the LCD screen of a digital caliper.  A large display will ensure the visibility of the readings, which will save you time and increase accuracy. A digital caliper displaying different measuring modes can be useful for measurement. Some users need the imperial system while others require the metric system. Hence, while choosing, ensure that both display measurements are available for your use.

Ask about the IP54 Protection

Not all digital calipers work accurately under harsh weather conditions. If your digital caliper is used in outdoor environments, check that the caliper has an IP54 protection certificate, which means the instrument can resist dust and splashes of water.

Other Features

A quality digital caliper should have an auto-shutdown feature to preserve battery life. Also, a zero-setting function can allow you to start a new measurement. This function can make a difference when you compare two measurements without needing to record them separately.

The best digital caliper comes with a locking screw that locks the inside and outside jaws in place. A data transfer port to upload measurements will be an added benefit. Some digital calipers also come with a protective case for protection from water, oil, and dirt.

While buying a top-quality digital caliper, make sure the above features are in place to make your measurements as easy as possible.

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