How to Conduct a Video Conference Like a Pro

Many of those who have joined video conferences can only recall a few memorable ones. Most conferences do not leave a meaningful impact or impression on the participants due to a lack of preparation, engagement, and direction. When it’s your turn to conduct a video conference, the pressure of doing a better job weighs down on you. Fortunately, some brilliant hacks and tips can help make your video conference a success. With the proper knowledge and preparation, you don’t have to get worked up about your video conference. For that, a proper telecom audit will be more than enough.

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Here, we will share some tips on how you can conduct a video conference like a pro.

Master the Technology

There’s nothing more frustrating than having long, awkward pauses in the middle of a conference because you inadvertently pushed the wrong button or forgot the right button for your intended function. Zoom is an excellent video meeting program that is easy to operate and has extensive compatibility with most digital and mobile devices. Your video conference can benefit from the various Zoom Rooms hardware and kits designed for meetings and conferences. These kits have HD video and audio quality, extensive device connectivity, and efficient WiFi connection utilization, making them valuable corporate assets. Other virtual event platforms might suit your needs better than Zoom as well.

Keep in mind that no matter how sophisticated and advanced your video meeting technology is, it is only as good as its operator’s knowledge. It means that you have to get to know and be familiar with the technology you are using. When you get the basic operations of your video conferencing technology covered, you can confidently conduct meetings at any time.

Set Up Your Call Space

When it comes to any endeavor involving videos, location is an indispensable factor. Select a place where you have access to both WiFi and LAN connections. Place devices like the webcam, microphone, computer, laptop, or tablet screen at the proper distance to be seen clearly by the participants. Please pay attention to your background and keep it neutral and non-distracting. Proper lighting also is essential in making a good visual impact for your virtual audiences. Depending on the time of day, you can use natural or artificial lighting to make your virtual conference venue bright and presentable.

Prepare the Necessary Materials

Have your agenda and presentation materials prepared beforehand and ready during your conference to make the flow of discussion smooth and continuous. Also, prepare and distribute copies of the agenda to all the members of your conference to promote more active participation and involvement from them. Visual aids and presentations help make your agenda clearer and more understandable for the participants, and they will be more likely to ask questions or provide inputs during the discussions. Encourage questions and informal discussions to keep the conference engaging and interactive.

Exude Confidence

Being the organizer of a video conference puts you in the spotlight, and all the participants’ attention is drawn to you. Please dress professionally and comfortably to show them you mean business. Many video conference organizers only dress up their tops and wear something comfortable at the bottom for comfort. It is alright for short conferences, which you usually can wrap up without a hitch. If it is your first time organizing a meeting, it is best to cover all bases to ensure that nothing wrong happens in the middle. 

Practice runs also help boost your confidence as you become more acquainted with the tools and the environment around you. You also make effective use of the mute button to filter out unwanted noises during the conference. When you see that everything works fine before the start of your conference, the reassurance can keep you calm, composed, and confident while facing your audience.

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Following these tips and adding a few personal touches can make your video conference a breeze. Don’t be afraid to take on this challenge. Use it as an opportunity to share your ideas with a diverse audience and a chance to make a significant impact on their awareness. Lastly, here’s a good mantra to encourage you: relax and have fun.

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