What Countries Are Legalizing Marijuana Use?

After being treated as an illegal substance for decades, people have finally come to appreciate the importance and benefits of marijuana and have now become legal in several countries worldwide. Marijuana offers a lot of health benefits to its users. One component of marijuana, called cannabidiol (CBD), is said to be a chemical that positively impacts the brain, allowing the person’s brain to function correctly and think well under any circumstances. 

Marijuana leaf

Marijuana also has a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has pain-relieving properties. These benefits are just located at the top of the iceberg, for more healthcare benefits are found at the bottom. These health benefits are the reasons why some countries legalize the usage and recreation of marijuana. This article will determine those countries that allow their citizens to use marijuana in their terms and conditions.

What countries are legalizing marijuana use?

1. Canada

The first on the list would be Canada, which is not a surprise since most of us know this already through the different movies we watch. When you try searching for marijuana products online, most websites, such as the Moon Rock weed, are located in Canada. Moon rockweed is a legal website that sells high-quality moonrock cannabis products and various marijuana for its Canadian citizens.

 But it would be best if you fit the exact age limit when you want to possess marijuana in Canada legally. Their law requires you to be 18 years old and above to use marijuana in public places, and you can only hold up to 30 grams of marijuana when you are in public. Other than that, you are free to use marijuana in your respective homes. 

In fact, you are allowed to cultivate your marijuana plant. But there is a law in Canada wherein it states that you are only allowed to plant 4 types of marijuana plants in your house, and you are not allowed to sell those plants to other people. You are only authorized to buy marijuana from legal weed dispensaries.

2. The Netherlands

The second on our list would be the Netherlands. There, you are allowed to bring any marijuana and use it in different coffee shops. When you visit the Netherlands, you can see many weed leaves designs on almost all the coffee shops you can find.  

Marijuana is considered an essential medicine for the citizens of the Netherlands. During the pandemic outbreak, coffee shops were asked to be open and sell various marijuana for their citizens to use against the Coronavirus.

3. Uruguay

In the country of Uruguay, you can casually walk to their pharmacies and buy some high-quality marijuana for pleasure and enjoyment purposes. But they need to be registered first with a regulator before they can freely buy and use marijuana in their country. 

Uruguay started legalizing the usage of marijuana for recreational purposes back in 2013, and people need to be 18 years old and above to freely possess and use marijuana.

4. Jamaica

Have you heard of the famous Bob Marley and his weed songs? Well, Jamaica is the homeland of Bob Marley, and he gets his weed inspiration there in his hometown. Jamaica made weed illegal in 2015, and from that year onwards, Rastafarians were now allowed to carry unlimited quantities of weed without any restriction.

5. South Africa

The attitude of South Africa towards marijuana consumption is not that strict. Their Constitutional Court declared the possession, usage, and growing of weed legal in 2018. However, they don’t allow the use and buying of weed outside their private spaces.

These are some of the countries that allow the cultivation and usage of weed. If you happen to love using marijuana and appreciate its benefits, you should consider getting a plane ticket right now and migrate to one of the countries mentioned above. You can freely use marijuana to your heart’s extent, and no one will stop you from enjoying its benefits.

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