What Are The Best E-Sports Tips & Tricks?

We have put together a few tips and tricks for betting on electronic sports to make them as successful as possible. It is especially important for beginners to first deal with an online casino comparison and inspect the betting offer. Electronic sports can be exciting and – thanks to the quotation – lucrative at the same time.

Our initial tips:

  • Open accounts with several bookmakers to be able to compare the odds.
  • Check the range of e-sports bets regularly, as this can change daily.
  • Do not put the entire budget on one bet, or you risk total bankruptcy.
  • The betting odds should always be kept under control, as they can change at short notice.
  • Look out specifically for newly posted bets. Some online casinos often misjudge the starting odds, and betting enthusiasts can use this to their advantage.
  • Always follow e-sport news, as this can provide important information for bet placement.

Collect information about e-sports online

At this point, we would like to come back to the point of information. Most bookmakers now offer their news or a blog area and additional statistics and other information about the competing teams. This knowledge is particularly crucial for evaluating the games at the best e-sports events in 2021.

 Too little information can lead to a misjudgment and thus to incorrect betting. In addition to the information from the online casino, social networks and the tournament organizers’ websites and the teams are available as sources of information.

The so-called head-to-head comparison can also show how the team’s current form is and how the team has done in previous encounters against the opponent. Also, you shouldn’t ask yourself the question immediately before placing a bet: “What is e-sports anyway?”. Tipsters should already have studied the sport to know what to bet on.

What makes a good e-sports bookmaker?

With too many bookmakers to choose from, finding the best one may be tricky. Beginners, in particular, often have problems with this. For this reason, we asked ourselves what makes a solid online bookmaker for electronic sports. Is it just his reputation, is it his betting offer, or is it much more?

In general, most online casinos have a similar range of services. They only differ in nuances, such as the amount of bonus payments, the selection of betting markets, the offered e-sport news or the payment terms. We show a few criteria that must be kept in mind when choosing the right bookmaker.

Seriousness and security

Experience has shown that seriousness is measured primarily by the bookmaker’s license. Most online casinos have a Maltese online gambling license or a paper from Gibraltar. These EU licenses have a strong reputation in the gaming sector and are well-known. Some online casinos are also equipped with the local license of your country’s federal state, but that is the minority in many cases.

The requirements for obtaining the EU license are strict. The bookmakers must adhere to the relevant rules and regulations to get the license first and keep it further. This includes, for example, the transparent presentation of all information on the homepage.

There are also online casinos in the industry that do not have an EU license. For example, they have a license from the Caribbean state of Curaçao. They are also licensed, but this license has a less good reputation compared to the EU papers. We, therefore, recommend betting with online casinos with an EU license.

Selection in the betting offer

The selection of the e-sports betting offer is also relevant when deciding for or against an online casino. The range of electronic sports on offer is now widespread among many bookmakers, but the number of betting markets varies significantly. Some online casinos only have the classics FIFA, LOL, Dota 2, WOW and CS: GO in their repertoire.

Other bookmakers bet on a broader range of e-sports and also offer Hearthstone or overwatch bets. If you would like to exploit the entire portfolio. In that case, you should therefore rely on an online casino that offers as many e-sports and competitions in this area as possible. 1xBet India, in particular, is a bookmaker who offers numerous other e-sport titles and thus attracts a large number of tipsters.

Support and service are available around the clock

In general, the service and support are the figureheads of every bookmaker. Most employees can be reached via live chat or telephone. E-mail contact is also offered. For customers from some specific countries, it can sometimes be difficult to establish a connection with employees.

A good bookmaker should always have an open ear for his customers and, ideally, be available around the clock. Experience has shown that a free service is an indication of a reputable online casino. Serious online casinos in the e-sport scene can usually also be reached via live chat and offer their help after just a few seconds of waiting.

Safe processing of deposits and withdrawals

Payment options offered may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. The most common methods are MasterCard, Visacourt, Bank Transfer, Sofortüberweisung, NETELLER or Skrill. PayPal is also occasionally offered as a transfer method. Bitcoin esports betting is also an option provided by certain bookmakers.In general, a reputable bookmaker should always offer free payments.

This applies to both deposits and withdrawals. Many bookmakers include at least one payout per month free of charge—some charge additional transfer fees for this. In our experience, this does not yet indicate suspicious behavior because this procedure is quite common in the industry.

Many experienced tipsters need to have the money paid out in their account quickly to submit further tips and thus receive the best odds. The so-called e-wallets are best suited for this, as the money can be moved to the bookmaker with the highest odds within seconds.

Use sports betting bonus comparison

In our opinion, a good bookmaker should have a lucrative bonus offer. Usually, only new customers benefit from such a payment. On average, it is granted at 100 euros or 100 percent of the amount paid. The incentive terms and conditions are almost as intriguing as the welcome bonus number. Here the bookmakers differ in detail. Some offer a free schedule for implementation.

With other bookmakers, however, a time frame is set. Before each registration and use of the bonus, users should make sure that the conditions can be implemented moderately. If these are not achieved within the specified range, the bonus expires, and the winnings are achieved with it. Tipper’s job is challenged by more than just the deadline.

Our e-sports tips and tricks in a summary

The question of a suitable e-sports bookmaker arises, especially for newbies. The best sports betting bonus does not help the customer if only a few events in the e-sports scene are offered and few betting options are available. To be on the safe side, newbies, in particular, should read through a review and draw their conclusions from it.

With our tips and tricks, nothing stands in the way of the subsequent bonus implementation: bettors can have their credit paid out or try to win further bets with it. The most important aspects are the information gathering and discipline of a tipster. These points determine the success or failure of a sports tipper. A losing bet should not be an incentive to increase the amount of money wagered but should be viewed as a mistake that is not repeated.

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