What are the benefits of computer science lessons?

Our technological world is ever-growing and, younger generations are getting brought up in a new technological era. The use of computers, smartphones, and tablets comes naturally to children living in this generation. However, teaching the core skills associated with computerized learning is essential. Challenging logical thinkers and testing their problem-solving skills are just a couple of advantages of computer science lessons. The skills learned throughout these lessons are invaluable when helping your child’s development.

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Computing experts Okdo explore this further. They looked into the broader benefits of computer science and how coding is the skill of the future. They surveyed nearly seven thousand parents and teachers to find out their views on the subject. From this, the study highlighted five broader benefits of computing. So, here they are. 

Advance math skills 

Often, maths can be a tricky subject to teach. With lots of intricate formulas and equations involved, maths can be a struggle for some children. However, coding and computer science help children’s maths skills in an engaging format. Two-thirds (68%) of the teachers surveyed say computer science helps develop maths skills. 

Creative thinking 

Coding helps children develop and construct their ideas. They can take creative ownership and see their innovations come to life. Using their creative brain is a hugely important part of child development as they begin to express themselves through their work.


Technology is an intricate and complicated thing. Computer science touches upon these intricacies and challenges children to understand and resolve the problems in front of them. Children will begin to enhance their analytical skills and address the complex tasks that they get faced with.

Communication skills

Communication is an essential part of childhood development. Understanding social cues, interacting with friends and teachers while navigating the world around them is a complex task. Computer science and coding is a complicated language in itself. Coding is the language of computers and, in turn – complicated. However, this means children and teachers have to break the lesson down into simple terms. This is an excellent thing as children learn a coding language while exploring new ways to interact with their peers and teachers.


Coding can be a collaborative process. In school, collaboration in computer science is welcomed and encouraged. The study from Okdo suggests that learning to code develops the ability to work alongside others, whether on projects, ideas, or problems that need a collective solution. Therefore, your children will be much more prepared for collaborative work in the future. 

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